Thursday, October 19, 2017

Kim Jae Won X Lee Ki Kwang X Kim Seung Soo in Happy Together 3.

Happy Together Season 3 features actor Kim Jae Won, Kim Seung Soo and HIGHLIGHT's Lee Ki Kwang for explanation time... 

Kim Jae Won explained that he was in the program 3 years ago and how did his 'killer smile' came to the limelight. He laughed a lot in the past. Soon he discovered the viewers wanted something else rather than just the killer smile, so he escaped from the public. In fact there was a sad story behind that killer smile. It seems like a gorgeous appearance but he was stressed out. He struggled with his agency, drank alcohol and smoked too. 

When it comes to fan meetings, Kim Jae Won mentioned Japanese fans aged from 92-100 turned up and he expressed his gratitude towards them. He reckoned he should remember them even if they have lost their memory. From there, he started to repent and reflect a lot.

Lee Ki Kwang was ranked first in Asian magazines in foreign magazine last year. Yoo Jae Suk testified that "Lee Dong Wook came in ninth place and Park Bo Gum was in the 19th spot." Ki Kwang said, "Their positions were below me." Kim Seung Soo commented that  Ki Kwang has a nice face and a masculine charm. Unlike the  cute images, Ki Kwang who performed a lot on stage, said, "I was not in a bad shape at the time, but I was too lazy to look at myself." In the past, he had received a self-imposed order from his agency based on the incident of "Fisherman's Mystery".

As for Kim Seung Soo, he is always branded as a veteran actor. His roles include single man to father with a daughter, that many people have mistaken him as a married man. At some meetings, his acquaintances starting coming up to him asking him to introduce if he has some good friends. Somehow the atmosphere was a little strange. He admitted due to his age, it is not easy to find a partner to settle down. It came to light and rumours when A-Pink's Son Na Eun was his ideal type. He knows he's in a hurry to meet the right woman to settle down.

Stethoscope confession ♥♥♥ on Hospital Ship drama.

On 19th October, MBC's drama Hospital Ship airs Episode 31-32 with sweet confession between the two main doctors lead. 

Hyun was hospitalised after been shot by the gangsters and starting to recover. Meanwhile Young Eun (Wang Ji Won) plans to return to New York seeing that Hyun has given up on her. She visits Eun Jae and sees Hyun for the last time. 

Kwak Hyun (Kang Min Hyuk) discovers that Song Eun Jae (Ha Ji Won) has given his doctor's authority to another doctor. Geoje Jeil Hospital fellow doctor wonders why Hyun was angry when Kim Jae Geol (Lee Seo Won) did mentioned before they are just colleagues. Hyun went back to the hospital ship to be welcomed happily on board by the rest of the crew for his safe return. 

Hyun was annoyed again to see Eun Jae was treating his patients when she hasn't even seen his face at all. He asked her if she ever missed him only to be shot down by a cold answer- No.
Aww...Eun Jae needs to push and pull again after what Hyun has gone through to save her life. Taken back, he asked why isn't she looking straight into his eye. She avoided at any costs.

Eun Jae finds the stethoscope lying on the floor when it was a gift for him. Hyun grabbed her and put the stethoscope on her heart. He commented that her heart beat is out of normal range. He wonders whom her heart beats to? Hyun asked again if she wants to start a relationship.
Flustered, Eun Jae didn't know what to answer. He then insisted that they should start dating. Instead of answering, Eun Jae just smiled brightly while he pulled her in for a big hug. 

It was a big crisis as Eun Jae is on the brink to be kicked out from the hospital ship due to financial pressure. They received a notice to remove the surgeon but the crew needed Eun Jae's skills. 

Eun Jae feels a bit uncomfortable to have people know that they are going out. The two started texting each other happily. Jae Geol sees he stands no chance to woo Eun Jae and gives up. 

Hyun plans for their first date but she turned up in a disgruntled appearance. Hah!  Just shows how typical  Song Eun Jae when it comes to work- she carries a professional and calm demeanour but when it's relationship/love- as what her young brother said she's rather helpless! 

Things didn't turn out well at the restaurant date, she even fell asleep at the movie theatre! Hyun still finds her cute and advises her not to try too hard for the first date. She just need to be herself in a comfortable way. After all she is all relaxed beside him...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

D.O, Park Hye Soo tap dance in Swing Kids movie.

The film 'Swing Kids' (director Kang Hyung-chul) completed the main cast including EXO's Do Kyung Soo (D.O) and actress Park Hye Soo for full shooting. 

                         Image result for 스윙키즈

'Swing Kids' is the story of a North Korean soldier who inadvertently danced his way into tapped dancing with the background of the Geoje prison camp where the North Korean and Chinese POWs were held during the Korean War in 1951.

PD Kang who directed 'Speedy Scandal' (8.24 million viewers · 2008) 'Sunny' (7.36 million viewers · 2011), Tazza: The Hidden Card (401 million viewers · 2014).

Spotting a G.I hair cut, D.O plays the role of Roh Ki Soo- a young North Korean solder. Park Hye-soo loses his father during the war and supports her family while studying English and Chinese and plays an active role as a dance interpreter.

Jarred Grimes plays as the world 's leading tap dancer and actor, is responsible for the US military's Jackson who literally created the tap-dance Swing Kids with the captives. Grimes has performed with Mariah Carey and stood before the ex-President Obama. 

Oh Jung Se plays as Kang Byung Sam who dances with a heartfelt desire to find his lost wife.
Kim Min Ho plays the role of Xiaofang. 

Swing Kids will start shooting on the 18th October and will be released next year in cinemas.

Lee Hong Ki is in for tVN's Hwayoogi drama.

FT Island's Lee Hong Ki (27) has confirmed his role on cable channel  network tvN for the upcoming Saturday drama 'Hwayoogi' (writers Hong sisters, director Park Hong-kyun).

'Hwa Yoo Gi' is a fantasy romance drama that depicts the story of a controversial contradiction between an ancient decadent Western legend and a decadent bloody party- a god of destiny, Son Woo Kong, an attractive celebrity and an ogre.

Hong Ki plays as a low-treble and top-star P.K (Pike). He could charm any woman easily. His character that brings vitality and dramatic fun to the drama between Sun Woo Kong and Bull Demon King with various information obtained by weapons of the strongest recognition and affinity.

The production crew said, "I'm sure that Lee Hong Ki will boast a 200% synchronous rate and a low-profile system that will live as a world-famous top-star P.K. Lee Hong-ki's outstanding acting power and delightful charm will energise the drama."

Actors Cha Seung-won, singer Lee Seung-gi, and actress Oh Yeon-seo are part of the main casts as well. 

On the other hand, 'Hwa Yoo Gi' is a play by Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran- well known as Hong Sisters who have written 'Queen Seondeok' (2009),  'The Greatest Love' (2011) and 'Master's Sun' (2013) 

The first episode is to be aired on December. 

JBJ's Fantasy competes with Wanna One and RAINZ.

The upcoming trend with the eliminated trainees from Produce 101: Season 2 has spin off another unit group JBJ. JBJ managed to achieve their dreams with final debut with a mini album entitled Fantasy.

JBJ delights viewers and fans with voices and charms from members Roh Tae Hyun, Takada Kenta, Kim Sang Gun, Kim Yong Guk, Kwon Hyun Bin and Kim Dong Han. Of course the favourable trainees during the Produce 101 were Kenta and Hyun Bin. 

"Fantasy" is a dance song that can be seen in JBJ's dandy & sexy charisma. Members Kim Sang Gun and Kwon Hyun Bin have participated in composing the lyrics. JBJ members have thanked Wanna One and RAINZ for creating the boy group projects at their showcase in the Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium.

Kim Dong Han, the youngest of the team said, "I hope that it will be a good opportunity to show our talents and face to those who are not familiar with JBJ." 

Unlike Wanna One and RAINZ who will promoting heavily for a year or so, JBJ will only be active for the next coming 7 months so the members take it as a test period and will work hard for it. 

RAINZ reigns with OST soundtrack.

The new boy band unit RAINZ 레인즈  spins off from Produce 101: Season 2 program has been making a name for themselves. After participating in the survival program, the members made new friends and struggled hard to get a spot in the finale. However after the 11 members were voted and chosen as Wanna One, the remaining trainees returned to continue their solo activities and some have debuted as new groups.

                              레인즈 RAINZ 미니앨범 '선샤인 Sunshine' 쇼케이스

RAINZ consists of seven members- Seo Sung Hyuk, Hong Eun Gi, Byun Hyun Min, Kim Sung Ri, Lee Ki Won, Joo Won Tak and Jung Dae Hyun. RAINZ made their first debut in October. They are currently signed up for a year promotion for the unit. 

                                      [병원선 OST Part 1] 레인즈(RAINZ) - let it go, let it be 가사/Official Audio/듣기
RAINZ contributed to MBC OST drama - Hospital Ship (starring Ha Ji Won, Kang Min Hyuk) with the title song 'Let It Go, Let It Be' which provides the up-tempo tune. 

Viewers and music fans are always excited to know the original singer behind the drama song. 
The tune somehow felt good,  with the lyrics which was suitable for the drama particularly- it relates to the relationship between Song Eun Jae felt about Kwak Hyun. 

I'm gonna let it go, let it be, let it go
흐르는 대로 내 맘을                                       (I'm giving you my heart)
너에게 맡길 거야                                           (wherever it flows....)
오늘도 나에게 바람이 분다                          (today the wind blows on me again)

또 누군가를 원하고 있기에                          (because I am someone again...)
혼자가 편하고 자유롭다 말하면서도          (I say I like to be alone and free again)
내 눈 내 귄 너 하나만 찾았어 워                (But my eyes and ears are only looking at you)

너는 그렇게 내 맘속 가까이   (Just as you come close to my heart)
퍼즐 맞추듯 다가왔어 내게로  (Like a piece of puzzle coming together)
나를 부르듯 너를 부르듯          (The future is coming)
다가온 미래는                           (as if it's calling to you and me)

시간이 다 말해 줄 거야             (Only time can tell...)

RAINZ has been featured in KBS2TV Music Bank, MNet countdown, Arirang radio K, and promoting their new MV Juliette. Their first mini album 'Sunshine' has kicked off on music stations and online gaining lots of attention.

Produce 101: S2 has somehow made many trainees debuted in individual projects and units.
Not only the trainees were featured in many variety programs, talk shows and radio, everyone seems to be aware of their existence. The new groups are successful in their own ways, especially they are doing well in promoting themselves to the nation.

I think viewers are starting to pay attention to these trainees who have worked so hard in their lives, well..everyone knows about the popularity of Kang Daniel and Park Ji Hoon since they were the top two, however each trainee has their own colour and charms. 

Good luck to RAINZ on their debut! 화이띵! 

What if the Greek Goddess arrives in Korea?

The first digital drama of Studio-On-Style 'Oh! Dear Half Basement Goddess' (playwright, Hwang Jung-young, director Kim Ki-yoon, Lee Rang) held its production presentation on October 18th at Amoris Hall in Times Square, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

Actress Ha Yeon Soo, Cha Jeong Won, Girls Day Soo Jin, Hae Ryeong, Park Sung Woo and PD Kim Ki Yoon along with PD Lee were present.  

            Related image

'Oh! Dear Half Basement Goddess' is about the Greek goddess who came to South Korea to spread love and peace. The goddesses come to life in the room of the house in Mapo-gu.
They build up great achievements to be left in the myths and come down to Korea with the aspiration to become a Class A goddess. However, it is difficult to pay for the high rent and living expenses and all the precious metals left in the pawn shop.

Through the story of a Greek goddesses living in Korea as women in their 20's and 30's in 2017, it displays the pain of young people of this age who are suffering from the gap between ideal and reality.

Ha Yeon Soo plays goddess Iris mentioned that it is a fantasy like drama and the story characters that reveal the charms are automatically developed by the roles. So Jin plays the goddess of wisdom- Metis. Cha Jeong Won plays the goddess of persuasion Peyto who is rather polished. Hae Ryeong plays the goddess of worry- Oegis. 

Meanwhile Park Sung Woo from Produce 101: S2 program debuts as a magical boy- Go Jae Woo is a guy who runs a pawn shop inherited from his father. He then lends money as a mortgage for the goddesses. Park made a pledge that if the first episode exceeds 1000 views, he would give free hugs!  (Ok! He's cute) C'mon people...start watching this drama! 

                  Related image

'Oh! Dear Half Basement Goddess'  will be aired for the first time through NAVER TV at 11.00 pm on the 19th October 2017. 

Kim Hee Chul still suffers pain from accident 12 years ago.

Hallyu group 'Super Junior' member- Kim Hee Chul has confessed recently that he still suffers from the pain on his leg after the car accident 11 years ago. It is understood that the group is preparing for a come-back in November since most members are back from mandatory army services. The biggest concern came for Hee Chul as he is unlikely to participate actively in the come back due to his injury.

On the 18th November, Hee Chul has mentioned in his SNS that he cannot really use his left leg due to the injury he suffered 11 years ago. From the surface, it is seen he is smiling, laughing and joking away but the injury has been lingering for a long time.

However he doesn't like dancing around because of his leg injury. He mentioned if one doesn't control the mind properly, he might feel more intense pain so he needs to have more positive thoughts for his condition.

Hee Chul might not be able to carry out the normal activities as his chronic leg pain but Super Junior's comeback will proceed as usual. 

Recently he has undergone a surgery from the accident that happened in summer 2006.

We wish Hee Chul all the best in the health and hope to see him smiling again.

Tension rises in Hospital Ship when Kang Min Hyuk is shot.

In the recent episode of Hospital Ship 병원선, Song Eun Jae (played by Ha Ji Won) is taken as hostage by the drugs triad leader who forces her to perform an operation on the big boss who was seriously injured. Kwak Hyun (played by Kang Min Hyuk) volunteers to accompany Eun Jae to assist her in the operation.

Eun Jae observed the urgent situation and instructed Hyun to carry on the operation. She advised that the scalpel is a tool to save people's lives. They cannot turn it into a weapon of destruction. Hyun is quite reluctant to do so as laparotomy is a major operation which requires to be carried out in a proper hospital not at a rundown warehouse without medical equipment. 
The armed gun triad man threatened the doctors to carry out the operation within 3 hours. If they exceed by 1 minute, the rest of the members on board will be killed. Trembling with anxiety, Eun Jae suggested to transfer the patient on board for the operation. Hyun advised her to focus on saving the current injured patient. They will deal with the aftermath later and no matter what happens; they are not to be blamed for anything. 

Eun Jae and Hyun learned that the victim requires blood transfusion during the surgery and blood type required is B-type. They began collecting O and B-blood types from the staffs on board. Surgery was completed within 3 hours, however the gunman didn't keep his promise threatening to shoot Eun Jae. Hyun decided to swap his position as a hostage instead of Eun Jae.


The marine police came in time; angrily the gunman turned to Hyun and shot him. Hyun collapsed and was seriously injured with Eun Jae scrambling to her feet to save him.
They rushed Hyun to the Geoje Jeil Hospital with her telling him not to fall asleep. Eun Jae is determined to carry out the surgery calmly to ensure Hyun is safe. Jae Geol could see the tears and how Eun Jae is struggling inside to maintain her posture in the surgery room. Young Eun turned up only to be advised by Jae Geol that no one else could do that except for Eun Jae.
He felt a bit disappointed that he isn't the one lying on the surgery table instead Hyun took the bullet for Eun Jae. 

Hyun survived and regained consciousness. Eun Jae started to break down when he asked her if she is hurt anywhere as he wiped her tears. 

I knew it!! needs a scene where Hyun has to sacrifice himself or get injured to have Eun Jae realised how important he is to her. Are we waiting to see sparks fly off later on? Come to think of it, Hyun's mother knew  about Young Eun's web of lies. Hyun doesn't even have time to worry for Young Eun but only for Eun Jae's safety. Scriptwriter- can we speed up the happy relationship for Eun Jae and Hyun? I feel bad for Jae Geol too...he's a nice fella.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Highlight & BTOB simultaneous come back with new albums.

Groups HIGHLIGHT and BTOB are making their comeback.  Highlight (originally Beast) are the seniors in the industry and previously from Cube Entertainment which now houses BTOB.

Highlight members Yoon Do Jun, Yoon Jun-hyung, Yang Yo Sub, Lee Ki-kwang and Sohn Dong-woon released their second mini-album "Celebrate" on 16th October.
It is a rock-based dance song that is a title song made by the producer 'Good Life' by member Jun-hyung. 


In addition, the rest of members contributed to six songs on album "Love Like This," which was produced by member Lee Ki-kwang. Since previously Beast members left Cube Entertainment after their contract expired, BTOB has became the boy band representative of the company. 
BTOB released their 2nd album entitled 'Brother (Act)' . The album consists of 13 songs.
The album, which was featured in the movie Sister Act, features one play from the first track "Prelude: Day" to "Finale: Our Concert" .

Highlight and BTOB said they did not intend to compete with the showcase on each day. BTOB mentioned, "Beast were like their seniors/brothers from the past and they liked them too.Since their seniors are releasing the albums on the same day so they will cheer support them as well."

First fan meeting for Wanna One in December.

The syndrome which is going around the nation, group Wanna One is holding their very first fan meeting in four months. The group has been travelling non stop within South East Asia, US and Australia promoting themselves. 


According to management company CJ E & M on the 17th October , Wanna One will have four sessions on December 15th (8.00 pm), 16th, (2.00pm and 7.00 pm) and 27th (4.00 pm)- Wanna One Premier at the Handball Stadium.

On the 23rd December (7.00 pm) and 24th December (4.00 pm), the fan meeting will continue at BEXCO in Busan.

Earlier, the group held the show on August 7th with a showcase and a concert.

CJ E & M said, "Wanna One Premier Fan-Con is a combination of fan meeting and concert." We will hold six fan meetings to thank the fans who have shown explosive support and love for the group."

The Seoul Premier Sale tickets will start on 24th October. The tickets are expected to exceed the $100K sales from the fan-concert events.

The group is preparing to launch their 2nd album "1-1 = 0" on November 13th.

EXID for comeback after 7 months.

Girl group EXID will make their come back after seven months. Member Solji, who had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at the end of last year took a good rest for a while but she started to participate in the recording of their new album. 

On October 17th, Banana Culture Entertainment announced the girl group's fourth mini album entitled 'Full Moon'.

Regarding whether Solji will be participating actively, everyone was in the recording, but they have to watch ourselves to see if the girls can still be active.

In the public image, the process of the total solar eclipse is included with the release date. This is the mini album 'Eclipse' released in April, the mini album. Eclipse, which means 'lunar eclipse', expresses for EXID, which was reconstructed for a while as a result of the vacancy of the member's solo for a while

SBS Master Key first episode scores 5.7%

The first episode of new variety program Master Key under SBS TV station was aired gained 5.7%- partly thanks to EXO-L and Wannables fans. The very first episode gained 5.7% ratings under AGB Nielsen and TNMS ratings nationwide.

The guests for the first episode were EXO's Baekhyun, Wanna One's Kang Daniel, Ong Seung Woo, Astro's Cha Eun Woo, B1A4's Jinyoung, actress Kang Ha Na, Jo Bo Ah, gagman Park Sung Kwang with hosts Jeon Hyun Moo, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Jong Min and Henry Lau. 
                                      ‘마스터키’ 턱시도 입은 강다니엘-옹성우-백현, 레드카펫 보는줄[포토엔]
The red carpet started at 5.00am at Paju Village with guests arriving on their vans and been greeted by the hosts. Su Geun and Hyun Moo reckons even with Baekhyun and Henry, it's good enough to host the program; however when the rest of the idols arrived, it makes them uncomfortable as they felt they were the ugly ones. Soo Geun can't wait to shake hands with Wanna One members as Hyun Moo spurted out Daniel has sprayed perfume! LOL!
The two actresses quickly stood among the hosts as they couldn't afford to stand beside the handsome guys. 

First mission is finding 12 keys that were scattered among the village and to check if they are the owner of the Master Key. Each one has to keep a poker face in order for the rest not to find out the real identity. They started suspecting Baekhyun, Jongmin and Daniel's expression. From there, they moved on to changing rooms and 2nd mission is dividing them to two teams- red and black team. Red team leader is Soo Geun and Black team lead is Hyun Moo. The following mission is dance relay and to time themselves by 1 minute of dancing. The winning team gets a hint to find out the Master Key's identity.      
Baekhyun scores a gold card by winning the most votes online. The least votes was Hyun Moo which they cracked up since he lost out to the ugly Sung Kwang! Red team begins with Sung Kwang dancing to EXO's Power song with Baekhyun standing at the last of relay busy counting down the minutes. The baton was passed on to Daniel who executed Sunmi's Gashina dance moves very well. Soo Geun just flicked out his 90's moves to B1A4's song followed by Jinyoung and Bo Ah's super awkward wave dance leaving Baekhyun miscalculated the time. The penalty is a bucket of cold water splashed onto the last player! Everyone was shocked with the splash but laughed away. Baekhyun just looked like a wet duck!

Black team has pointed Henry to time their dance relay. Since he's a music genius, he is expected to do well. Ha Na started out with some slapstick of Jessy Matador's Bombastic song cracking everyone up. Eun Woo did well followed by Wanna One's Energetic which made Seung Woo danced proudly but as soon as he started Red Velvet's Red Flavour in a funny demeanor; everyone just laughed. Henry did well at the start with 45 seconds but counted too fast resulting he coped with the cold splash! OMO!

                            ‘마스터키’, 강다니엘·옹성우부터 백현·차은우까지…현장 스틸 공개

It didn't take long for Bo Ah, Seung Woo and Daniel to be drenched in wet water. Both teams are determined to win in order to splash a bucket of water on the most annoying member- Hyun Moo! Ah....! It turned out Jinyoung was good at timing so Red Team wins the first game and earned a hint. They discovered that Seung Woo, Hyun Moo and Jong Min are not the Master Key holders. Two team leaders hold questions from the Watchers online- question 1 was from Jong Min- what does he usually tells his Manager?, 2nd question was what does Baekhyun say when he runs out of tissues (impersonating actor Lee Jung Jae) and final question is- what does Kang Daniel do before he kisses a woman (in a Busan ascent).- Oh! That left Daniel flabbergasted to such a question from viewers as he's so innocent. Red Team wins the game again and this time they discovered that Henry is one of the Master Key holder.

Next mission is two ladies stand at a platform and whereby each team needs to rush to their lady and hug them to win the game. It's the The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed where the lady shouts and turn around while the rest have to freeze. The guys were given a task to choose their umbrellas hiding their identity. Daniel picked his best blue brolly while Henry struggles with a transparent one, Soo Geun with a tiny red one as well. 

                                  [전일야화] '마스터키' 웃음·로맨틱·비주얼 다 잡은 '눈호강' 타임
Red team inches closer to Bo Ah on the platform. Ha Na keeps getting the wrong person thinking Daniel is the person getting close to her! A-hem...earlier the casts were asking whom she will pick to hug her in order to win the game- she mentioned Daniel instead of picking her own black team members! LOL! They joked stating Daniel must be her ideal type of guy.

Baekhyun managed to win the first round (the close captions and images looked romantic as he stood up right to the platform with the umbrella close to Bo Ah). Black team 2nd round was practically ruined by Soo Geun as he pulled off Hyun Moo, Jong Min and even stopped Eun Woo from getting close to Ha Na. Sung Kwang won the 2nd game by struggling to lift Bo Ah. Red team scores another hint resulting Black Team to hand over their keys for identification. Black team gets Daniel's key thinking he is the Master Key holder when he just scoffs off saying it's going to be funny. Baekhyun figured out the final puzzle piece that Eun Woo is the final Master Key.

The two master key holders- Henry and Eun Woo were called out to stand on the podium to insert their keys into the treasure box. The grand prize is actually gold keys for the winning team. Red Team wins the final game and Black team members were rather surprised that their team were the ones holding the main keys! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, Seo Ji Hye in Black Knight.

Actors Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung and Seo Ji Hye will be playing as leads in the upcoming KBS 2TV new drama 'Black Knight' (script by Kim In Young, director Han Sang Woo).


'Black Knight' draws a story by a man against a dangerous destiny to defend his beloved woman. It is a new script and work by writer Kim In-young who has written the drama "Equator Man" (2012).

Kim Rae Won plays the businessman 'Moon Soo-ho'. He is a person who is not strict and revealing himself, but only one woman. "My first thoughts was it felt like a movie when I first read the script," Kim said. "I was confident that PD Han's delicate expressiveness and solid composing power would stand out."

Shin Se Kyung plays a travel agency employee 'Jung Ha Ra'.Ha Ra is person who retains the affirmative and brilliance whether at work, home or in relationship. Shin Se kyung is challenging herself the one-man two-tiered character to show another character with the opposite roles. 

 Seo Ji-hye plays the beautiful villain-  "Sharon". Sharon is a questionable person who has encountered death for 200 years. She has a beautiful appearance but living doubtfully by expressing in olden day words and acting like a senior. 

'Black Knight' is scheduled to be broadcast in December following the current broadcast 'Mad Dog'

Running Man to feature Wanna One's Kang Daniel.

It seems lately Wanna One members are all over the place for variety programs and talk shows.
The long awaited participation has started for Wannables last Kang Daniel is invited to participate in SBS Running Man variety show. I bet Song Ji Hyo and So Min will be very delighted to see a handsome guest in the show

Wanna One's agency YMC Entertainment has confirmed that Kang Daniel is scheduled to record the episode in Running Man and he is the only member featured in it.

                                멕시카나 인스타그램

Thanks to his flawless appearance and charismatic image on stage, Daniel has been chosen as overall winner of the survival music program- much loved from the voters and everyone in the country. From there, he has been actively participating in many programs. 

He continues to promote heavily on his group. Daniel has been featured in Happy Together Season 3, Infinite Challenge, Let's Eat Dinner Together, Dangerous beyond the Blanket, Oppa Thinking, SNL (Saturday Night Live), Hello Counsellor, recently in Master Key and now he's been invited for Running Man. (Let's hope 1N2D staffs might invite them as well).  Daniel's popularity has sky rocketed with talk shows, gag concerts and hosts are continuously talking about him. Female celebrities and hosts can't keep smiling whenever they mentioned about him. 

There has been a lot of interest and anticipation what would happen with gag man Jo Se Ho and Kang Daniel's participation. On Sep 10th episode, RM casts were getting high hopes that Daniel as a guest however it turns out big disappointment when Jo Se Ho came out dancing Produce 101:S2 main theme song. Song Ji Hyo's face immediately falls upon seeing Se Ho dancing around with his new nickname- 'Jo Daniel'...hahaha! Finally Ji Hyo will get to meet Daniel - wish came true! LOL!

Meanwhile Wanna One is scheduled to return with repackaged album in mid November.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

OCN's Black- Song Seung Hun is refreshing with wild imagination.

OCN has once again aired something different than other network channels.

Their latest dark mysterious thriller drama 'Black' depicts the story of a grim reaper and a woman who can see shadows of death. The two decided to join hands together to save innocent lives by breaking the rules of heaven.

                     Image result for OCN 블랙

It was few years ago when the writer has planned the story about grim reaper but somehow it didn't work out. The PD saw the script from 'Black' and felt this was a golden opportunity to shoot this drama. After all- remember we had the successful tVN's Goblin which featured the guardian and grim reaper.

PD Kim has directed the dramas Pied Piper (2016) and Voice (2017). His previous works were Liar's Game (2014), and Hero (2012). 

"Black" is a work is a combination of mystery and fantasy," he said. In the meantime, "Black" starts from a virtual city called Mu Jin, which will be a story that totally dissolves human reality. There is a message that human greed and desire create problems. Then the problem is settled. 

Song Seung Hun takes the role of detective Moo Gang who died- became the Grim Reaper while Go A-Ra plays as Ha Ram who can see shadows of death. 

Song mentioned at the first it was hard to portray the role but somehow he is fascinated with the imagination written by the writer. Go A-Ra also said the scripts was refreshing and different.
It was hard to dream a horrible dream every time she read the script. She can't see spirits or imagine horrible events would happen and in real life she doesn't want to experience such fear too.

The drama about death was mainly filmed in summer. But 'Black' chose to break through this custom.

PD Kim said, "I do not watch drama during the seasons and this drama deals with death." There are many unfortunate deaths in society and it seems like there is no need to worry about the seasons because it is a work that deals with the struggle of those who want to prevent it."

Black was aired on 14th October for its first episode.

Kim Ah Joong in no hurry for a relationship.

Last month, tVN has treated the audience with the future-present time travelling drama 'Live Up to Your Name' (directed by PD Hong Jong Chan, writer Kim Eun Hee) where it is a combination of romantic comedy drama in two different medical worlds.

As there is a fixed fan of genre, if you sit all in front of the TV, you can expect a 'jackpot', but at the same time, you could not get the 'uhmmph' feeling because you could not get into everyone's face for a punch. 

Live Up to Your Name drama started airing on August 12th after its successful drama 'Secret Forest', which recorded only 2.7% on the first episode. (Nielsen Korea, based on the paid platform subscription), but continued to rise to the highest ratings of its own every time. At the end of the finale, the audience ratings peaked at 6.9% which was slightly higher than 'Secret Forest' (6.7%).

There was a main lead in the drama. Kim Nam Gil who plays the hero Heo Im which a great acupuncturist in the Joseon dynasty from 1552~1608. Heo Im suddenly finds himself travelling to 2017 via a mysterious acupuncture set and meets heart surgeon at the hospital.

Kim Ah Joong has starred in a sageuk drama which was Emperor of the Sea (Hae Shin) in 2004. She was mostly starring in modern dramas such as SBS Sign (2011), Punch (2014), Wanted (2016) which earned her the nickname 'Genre Queen'.
Her 2006 hit film- 200 Pounds Beauty was a success for the actress. In 2013, she starred in Catch Me with Joo Won. It has been a long time and Kim Ah Joong wanted to play a role as a doctor. She has been spending a lot of time with family members. She received good responses and support from her family for her recent drama.


With that respect, Kim Ah Joong still has that sexy look even though she is donned in a white doctor's robe. Humbly, she said she is getting older too and she appreciates all the good comments. Before the filming begins, she started watching real live thoracic surgeons and doctors, morning conference, rounds in the hospital as well as seven visits a day, and even an Emergency Call. She was diligently watching heart transplant surgeries.

The nurse who came to the real surgery room came to help me from the filming site and she said, 'I have been going on a lot of medical drama counselling in the meantime. Kim Ah Joong is the first person who is going through the actual operation sequence like this, and the operation is different from case to case, and it seems to know how each operation is proceeding."

It was very different from the network drama, and she only spent two months in pre-production, and the staff working behind the scenes thought that she would do well. She praised that tvN projects are good and that is the reason she wants to work with them again.

Next project? The actress is looking to work on for a film. She has been constantly using small screens in various genres and it is time to change. She hasn't seen any scripts yet but she is actively looking into it, but no decisions made yet. 

She admitted at this age, she is getting ambitious and is confidence in her acting.
She has seen her friends getting married and settling down with kids. She intends to work longer and not to get tied down with marriage. It is not easy to find her love of her life now...well...least for now.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

PyeongChang Dream Concert tickets sold out.

The tickets for 2017 Dream Concert to be held at PyeongChang, featuring singers including EXO-CBX and Wanna One were snapped out by fans in just a matter of time after going on sale Wednesday.
According to the concert organiser Korean Entertainment Producer’s Association, all 20,000 tickets for the concert were sold out within 5 minutes after been posted online.
What the... ?! 

Dream Concert is one of the biggest K-pop concerts in South Korea and in order to celebrate its 23rd year anniversary, this time it will be held as a special Olympics edition in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province, where the 2018 Winter Olympics will take place. 

The concert will be held at PyeongChang Olympic Plaza on 4th November 2017 featuring 
EXO-CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin), Wanna One, VIXX, NU’EST W, Sunmi, Red Velvet and more.

Ah...the reunion of Nu'est W and Minhyun, along with Daniel and his roomie Xiumin. 

2017 BIFF opens in cold & rain weather.

It started raining in the morning and raindrops became heavier in the afternoon. The weather was colder than usual. Kang Soo-yeon, the chairman of the executive committee said, "No matter what the situation may be, the festival will be still go on as usual." The weather has never been a problem for the Busan Film Festival, which has been experiencing all kinds of problems for the last three years. 'Busan City'- Busan has become a 'movie city' in the Fall of this year.

The 22nd Busan International Film Festival opened at the Haeundae-gu  outdoor theatre on the afternoon of the 12th October. A total of 300 films from 75 countries, including Shin Su Won's "Glass Garden" and the closing film "Love Education" by Sylvia Chang.

The opening ceremony started with a red carpet event. In the early days of the event seemed to be empty and eerie in the audience, but after about 30 minutes, more than 5500 outdoor stadiums were filled the crowd and made the audience felt the enthusiasm for the Busan ​​Film Festival.

Movie buffs and fans were welcomed with great cheers whenever the celebrities appear, bringing the atmosphere of the opening ceremony. South Korean actors stepped on a red carpet, and Yu Aoi, Kawase Naomi, Jean Pierre Leo, Nakayama Miho, Hou Hsiao Sien, Oliver Stone, and others including Ahn Sung Ki, Sohn Ye Jin, Moon Soo-ri, Jo Jin Woong, Yoon Gye Sang, Song Il Kook, Lee Jung Jin, Kim Rae Won, The filmmakers also walked the red carpet and greeted each other with the audience. The number of filmmakers who stepped on the red carpet was about 200 more than last year.

At the end of the red carpet events, PD Shin Woo-won, Moon Geun-young, Kim Tae-hoon, Seo Tae-hwa and the chairman Kim Dong-ho and the chairman Kang Su-yeon were at the opening ceremony for the premiere movie "Glass Garden".

The full-scale opening ceremony was officiated by actor Jang Dong Gun and Girls' Generation Im Yoona

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

SBS new variety Master Key to air on 14th Oct.

The production team of SBS 'Master Key' has released the group selfie photos of the main members on the official SNS on the 9th October, ahead of the first episode broadcast.

The production team said, "The first broadcast is still five days away! After the first recording for the day of the dizziness, the group has self released first! 'And' Master Key 'photographs were released immediately. Hah! 
Kang Daniel, Seung Woo, Baek Hyun and Henry Lau
**The Idol groups members **

In the public photos,Baek Hyun, Cha Eun Woo, Henry, Jin Young, Jo Boa, Kang Han Na along with Jeon Hyun Moo, Lee Soo Geun and Kim Jong Min are laughing brightly while posing with their individuality selfies towards the camera. While the warm atmosphere of the scene is felt as it is, the outstanding visuals of the members attract attention.

'Master Key' is a new concept psychology game show where the most popular stars become 'players' and perform high psychological warfare to find those who have the 'master key'. Twelve star players will challenge games they have not seen before, including Lee Soo Geun, Jeon Hyun Moo, Kim Jong Min, Super Junior's Henry, EXO's Baek Hyun, Wanna One's Kang Daniel and Ong Seung Woo, Jo Boa, B1A4's Jin Young, ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo, Park Sung Kwang and Kang Han Na are the main casts.

There were snippets and trailer of the first episode where Soo Geun can't help but to awe in admiration when Daniel was changing clothes in the locker room. As usual Soo Geun just crept behind and said 'Wah! How do you get such a body?' which made Daniel started to hide in embarrassment. Comparing to the rest of the casts, Daniel has unveiled his perfect figure despite his cute looks.

The program is gathering lots of anticipation. It will be aired at 6:20 pm on the 14th October. 

I Can Speak K-Movie surpassed 3 million viewers.

Na Moon Hee's new movie 'I Can Speak' (Director Kim Hyun Suk ) has surpassed 3 million viewers in the local cinemas. 


According to the Film Promotion Committee on 11th October, "I Can Speak" was screened 2164 times from a day ago, and the number of cumulative audience exceeded 3 million people (3 million 1767 people) in 20 days the movie were opened. On the same day, sales amounted to 147 million won (cumulative sales: 23.5 billion won), and the share of sales was 6.2% (4th place in box office).

More than 3 million South Korean movies were released this year include seven films including 'I Can Speak'. (5.31 million) and 'Taxi Driver ' (3.31 million). In addition, the number of people living in the area is expected to increase by 6.8 million.

'I Can Speak' is a story about a grandmother who comes to the public office several times a day to learn the English language from a civil servant who works at the reception desk. The film was directed by Kim Hyun-seok, director of 'Cyrano: Love Operation' (2010) 'Scout' (2007) and 'When Romance Meets Destiny' (2005). Na Moon Hee and  Lee Je Hoon are the main casts in the movie I Can Speak.

On the 10th October, the box office rankings ranked first in the "The Outlaws" (178,306 people, cumulative 238,000 people), second place "The Fortress" (56,620 people, 3,310,000 people), and on third place is the Hollywood movie "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" 5481 people, 4.58 million people).

Produce 101, NU'EST W, RAINZ, JBJ challenge

Ever since the nation has handpicked and formed the new idol group Wanna One from MNet Produce 101: Season 2 program, they have swept the music charts for weeks. But then some other boy groups are slowly getting in the trend. 

NU'EST W is a sub unit from the original group NU'EST has been gaining lots of attention since all the members joined the survival competition. The members are now going for a fresh new start in the music industry.

NU'EST W new album (Where You At) was released on the music site of the afternoon of the 10th October, is ranked 1st in real time charts at major music sites such as Melon, Naver Music, Bugs...etc.  

          associate_pic  associate_pic

NU'EST W originally consists of four members with now Hwang Min Hyun was selected as one of the 11-members of the project group 'Wanna One' formed through Produce 101: Season 2. NU'EST debuted in 2012 did not received much attention from the public. However, Produce 101: S2 has become a hot topic throughout the broadcast when Hwang was voted in as one of the members in Wanna One.

'W' in NU'EST W is abbreviated as 'Wait' meaning to wait for Hwang Min Hyun. It means that there will still be a lot of teamwork that is supposed to be solid from the past. Min Hyun is part of Wanna One project until end of next year. He will re-join the NU'EST in early 2019. If NU'EST W keeps a presence rate until then, the come-back of Min Hyun seems to generate better synergy for the group. 

NU'EST will unveil their new album "Mnet Presents Special" which is produced by Mnet Digital Channel M2 that will be broadcasted at 6.00 pm on 11th October.

'RAINZ' are the co-founder of the trainees from Produce 101: S2 unveils their debut mini album 'Sunshine' on 12th October. Also another 6-member group JBJ are debuting after their participation from Produce 101. Their debut album 'Fantasy' is creating excitement for fans.
JBJ is an acronym for "a really desirable combination" consisting Takada Kenta, Kim Yongguk, Kim Sang-gyun, Roh Tae-hyun, Kim Dong-han and Kwon Hyeon-bin.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

76-liners Dragon Club program kicks off.

What if all my friends who have been with us for over 20 years appear in a reality show?
Could these friends show all the realities that match the name 'reality'? As much as they laugh and talk about anything, the viewers will definitely enjoy this... 

KBS 2TV will air a new entertainment program 'Dragon Club - Childlike Romance' (directed by Kim Min-seok and Choi Jae-hyung) from 10th October. Actors Cha Tae-hyun, Jang Hyuk, Hong Kyung-in, singer Kim Jong-gook and Hong Kyung-min will be the main casts. They are friends of the same age who made their debut in the late 1990's in the entertainment industry since they are born in 1976. They are different from each other in their fields of activity, and their images are different too. But they are the best friends who have accumulated friendship for more than 20 years.


Cha Tae-hyun laughed and said, "I made my debut at a young age and did not have much in common, so I just gathered and played so much that I made the name" Dragon Club " at the broadcasting station."

The two PDs have said that Tae Hyun brought up the idea and the casting. Jang Hyuk is the original author of this program. He said that he wanted to star in the arts industry with his friends in the title" Neighbours "in other programs.

Jang Hyuk said, "Just because my friends are going to travel together, I am able to see what my friends did not know from the deep stories." Jong Kook admitted that, "I was so busy that  we could not travel together"

Hong Kyung-min said, "We do not even know how this broadcast will come out, we have learned a lot about new things that we did not know about, and viewers will see our new way." Hong Kyung-in added, "Busy friends have tried to do something in time. I have come to relax and have a good time." 

PD Choi said "If viewers who have seen the 'Dragon Club' will start thinking of their friends, then this marks the program to be a success," 

"Please take good care of their friendship trip." 
'Dragon Club' will be broad cast at 11:10 pm on the 10th October 2017. 

SHINee's Taemin solo comeback.

After 1 year and 8 months, SHINee's Taemin is ready for his solo comeback. 

Hallyu group, SHINee member Taemin is gearing up after being hiatus for 1 year and 8 months.
According to his agency SM Entertainment, Taemin will release full-length music for his regular 2nd album entitled 'MOVE' online at 6.00 pm on 16th October.
Taemin's first solo album which is also his first mini album 'ACE' released in August 2014.

SM has introduced Taemin's upgraded music and performance.

He also released the first teaser video of the title song 'Move' on the main homepage before the release of the album.

On the 14th-15th October at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium will be Taemin's first solo concert entitled 'Taemin 1st Solo Concert' off-style 'On Track'.

Jinx on girl groups has started on Girls Generation.

Girls Generation members- Tiffany, Soo Young and Seo Hyun have decided not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment. The three members have decided to leave the agency.

As a result, the future of Girls' Generation is still unclear. SM is drawing the line that it is not the demolition of the girl groups era. It is interpreted as reflecting the possibility that three agencies of different companies can be different. However, there are no precedents in which SM's who belong to the group produced by SM are active, so the music industry is observing whether this configuration would be difficult.

At the end of the day, it is expected that SM will shuffle and re-structure Girls' Generation into five members girl group- leader Taeyeon, Yuri, Sunny, YoonA and Hyoyeon. These five members have signed a new contract with SM Entertainment. 

Girls' Generation has not been disbanded, but after Jessica Jung left the team in 2014, Tiffany, Soo Young and Seo Hyun are leaving SM, slowly the fans are feeling the pain.

Girls Generation have marked the symbol of the longest running girl group since their debut in 2007 with the single Into the World, followed by Kissing You and Tell Me Your Wish. After Jessica's withdrawal, the girls continued to work as an eight-member system. KARA, who made their debut in the same year, remained symbolic after the Wonder Girls disbanded earlier.

Although the first generation girl group S.E.S is still active, it was a reunion after dismantling  once and the presence of Girls' Generation, which has been steadily active was evident. This year marks the 10th anniversary of their debut.

There was no change after Jessica Jung left the group to pursue on her own activities but beyond the sixth year it seems to be a jinx for most girl groups. The two good examples are KARA and Wonder Girls were rather unstable just before their disbandment. As for the future activities of Girls' Generation with such status remains hazy, there is a growing concern about the music industry that most girl groups cannot last long. Usually girl groups have the tendency not to break up compared to boy bands as most males have to enter military services for 2 years. 

SM's groups such as Girls Generation, TVXQ, Super Junior and EXO have continuously keep losing their original members but they are still carrying on to their 12th and 13th year respectively with own activities. YG's Big Bang is into their 11th year since debut. Sechs Kies joined YG recently and reunited for their 20th year anniversary. JYP's 2PM group are also entering their 10th year anniversary but starts to get difficult when members are slowly bound for military services.  

The problem lies with the loyalty of fans towards the girl groups. Fans tend to support boy groups longer than the girl group.

The influence and impact of Girls' Generation has decreased in recent years, but it is also confirmed that the third generation girl groups such as TWICE, G-Friend and Black Pink's popularity are climbing the ladder quickly.

The division within the team is also significant because of the attention given to the members compared to the boy groups. In the late 20's, the members of the music industry said that not one or two of the members felt the pressure to prepare the future for each member. That's why so many girl group members are dreaming of the 'Post Lee Hyori'.

Tiffany, Soo Young and Seo Hyun decided to leave the SM for a big picture of their future. Tiffany is preparing to study abroad while Soo Young is in midst of finding a company that can concentrate on her acting career. 'Gone With the Wind' and 'Mamma Mia!' have proven Seo Hyun as a musical actress so she will broaden the scope in that line.

It is clear that the girl groups era are slowly diminishing. This is because the team has a big symbolic element in the music industry and the members also have a strong affection for the girlhood era. As a result, Tiffany, Soo Young and Seo Hyun belong to different agencies and some of the activities of Girls' Generation team are coming out from other area. SM groups such as Shinhwa and JYP's G.O.D. are now in this same boat.