Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yeo Jin Goo questions who is the killer in Reunited Worlds.

Now all the truth is revealed for the case happened 12 years ago.

On SBS weekday drama 'Reunited Worlds' on 17th August, Shin Hae Sung (played by Yeo Jin Goo) has figured out the real murderer of his hit and run accident12 years ago which was related to the Chairman Cha Kwon Pyo (played by Park Yeong Gyu).

Cha Min Jun (played by Ahn Jae Hyun) was in confused state when police friend Shin Ho Bang (played by Lee Si Ahn) informs him about the car accident's drive is actually his father Chairman Cha. When Min Jun contacted his aunt in Australia, immediately she returned to Korea to tell the truth. My aunt has told me at the airport that  "I do not know if you'll be any better than me. It's your father, though." He was saddened with the fact and said, "I can not forgive you for doing that."

Meanwhile Cha Kwon Pyo admitted in front of Hae Sung. He said he drove the car and hit Hae Sung who was on bicycle. Hae Sung questioned him back with the relation to student Yang Kyung Chul's death. He asked why did Chairman Cha hit him with the car as he might have connection with Yang's death. Chairman Cha is well aware that Hae Sung is not the real culprit. Hae Sung doubted him as to why does he want to share his story with others.

Angrily Hae Sung dished out he was suspicious over Chairman as all evidence and fingerprints are pointing towards him as a murderer. Hae Sung advised that he couldn't advise any further details as he is already 'dead'. Chairman Cha gives a weird cynical smirk when Hae Sung asks " Who are you? Are you the criminal?" 

K-News wrap-up for Week 18/08/17

** Actress Lee Na Young (38) returns to big screen after being hiatus for nearly 5 years.
She will be starring in the new film entitled 'Beautiful Days' directed by PD Yoon Jae Ho.
'Beautiful Days' is based on the true story of a North Korean woman. 

It is a film depicting the confusion and wound of the divided nation through the the story of a mother who fled from her family to South Korea and her son who hated her for the past 16 years. Although Na Young has a painful past, she plays a 'mother' who continues her life's journey without losing her courage.


** Singer Taeyeon has expressed her complaints when she entered the Jakarta Airport. She stressed that she was in danger with the huge crowd and struggling through it. She was really shaken while she collapsed on the floor with tears. She also reported inconveniences caused by excessive physical contact with crowds. 

Through SNS, there were concerns when pictures circulated of the singer in tears falling on the floor. She understands fans have waited for her, but she's not in good condition of health. She hopes nobody gets hurt at the airport. She went for overseas activities however she left unhurt. Meanwhile, the majority of the 8 members of the Girls' Generation, where Taeyeon is the leader are reported to have renewed their contract after the exclusive contract with SM Entertainment recently expired. Tiffany is currently studying acting in the US with discussion with SM Ent. 


** Big Bang member G-Dragon has celebrated his recent birthday with KRW$8.1 million donating to refugees. According to YG Entertainment, the singer  has donated the money to UNHCR's Korean delegation to help world refugees suffering civil war and violence.

G-Dragon has been making a special contribution every year on his birthday. It was mainly for children with discomfort or social weakness. He is also famous for encouraging his fans to participate in social networking services (SNS). This donation is used by UNHCR's Global Shelter Campaign. The campaign was launched last May by UNHCR to provide temporary shelter and a safe residential environment for two million refugees around the world.

G-Dragon has expressed that he wanted peace around the world. Whenever he sees sick children who are on the evacuation route due to civil war and violence, it has alarmed him for his small devotion to creating a place to rest. Well done to Ji-Yong for his charity work! 


** IKON fans have filed complaints towards YG Entertainment.
On 17th August, IKON's fans have conduct a boycott against YG GOODS (star characters) by expressing its objection to the management of the YG's artist.

The fans have expressed their anger towards the agency for pushing too hard on the members activities, and not concerned for their health. Also the group has been focusing a lot on overseas activities rather than domestic. YG has mentioned that IKON released new single on last May. Members were constantly preparing with group and solo albums so they hope the fans do appreciate in order to solve the misunderstanding. IKON debuted in September 2015 and they are YG's next generation boy group with links to Big Bang and WINNER. Recent May, the group released new single entitled 'NEW KIDS: BEGIN' in Korea.

The group has soared its popularity not only domestic but international with their mini album.

"New Kids: Begin" which was released in Japan on the 16th has occupied first place on the local Oricon daily CD album chart. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

'What happens when system malfunctions?' in movie V.I.P

Latest South Korean movie V.I.P (directed by PD Park Hoon Jung) will be released to the media preview on 16th August 2017.

Park's upcoming film has A-list stars such as Jang Dong Gun,Kim Myung Min, Lee Jong Suk and Park Hee Seon. Park's previous film works include 2013 The New World, 2011 The Showdown and 2010 The Unjust. The 2013 film- New World has 4.67 million viewers with big casts such as Choi Min Shik, Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Jae.

V.I.P depicts a story about NIS and the only son of the high ranking official of North Korea.
NIS and US's CIA are all turning their eyes on the young dude who is on the high list of mysterious murder plots around the world.

Lee Jong Suk plays the son of the North Korean official, Kim Kwang Il who runs around with the agents and NIS chasing after him. During the press conference PD Park has mentioned that V.I.P is just not a movie, but a project in modern history. He has carried out the project by necessity rather than just a" plan guidebook " When the character is a monster, it's not really a character. He wanted to draw what happened when their system could not function.

Jang Dong Gun plays the role of the NIS Agent Park Jae Hyuk adding a sense of weight to the pole with stable acting power and Kim Myung Min takes on the detective role, Chae Yi Do with a bulldozer attitude. The most exciting act is Lee Jong Suk. He is an evaluation that he succeed in expressing persuasive expression of the psychopath murderer 'Kim Kwang Il' by abandoning his current pretty boy image. The face which has hidden madness is expressionless, the smile he has previously shown in the melodrama has been transformed into the eerie environment. Lee has proven himself that he is an actor who can play in various genres.

Lee has said that he watched various films with psychopath killers and laughing. He studied the various expressions and wondered how he could play differently. The villain character is a challenge to him which was quite a stressful thing since he has always been playing as the hero. But he's cool about the new character. Ah...not to forget Lee has won the MBC's Grand Prize (Dae-sang) for his leading role in W: Two Worlds drama

V.I.P movie is to be released in cinemas on 23rd August.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri are in relationship.

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol (31) and Girl's Day Hyeri (31) are in a relationship. Both of them have met on the set of tvN drama Reply 1988

"The two have recently developed into a friend-date relationship with their peers," said the agency- CJS Entertainment. "Since Jun Yeol and Hyeri have started their relationship recently, for fans and viewers so please watch and support them."

After filming the drama 'Reply 1988', which featured two characters Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri at the start attracted popularity from viewers by forming a triangle relationship with Park Bo Gum's character. The two have been reportedly started dating since the end of last year.

Ryu has started acting in earnest in 2015 movie "Social Phobia." When he starred in the trilogy tvN drama 'Reply 1988' - his name was known throughout the households. He then appeared in films such as "The King" and "Taxi Driver".

As for Hyeri, she made her debut as an idol group 'Girls Day' in 2010. In 2014, she was part of the permanent cast for variety show Real Men and became famous. She has recently starred in the MBC drama 'Entertainer' with Ji Sung and CN Blue's Min Hyuk. 

New Journey to the West S4 surpassed ratings again.

tvN's New Journey to the West- Season 4 has renewed its ratings and surpassed the mark of 5%- the highest for now.
According to Nielsen Korea on 16th August, tvN's 'New Journey to the West- Season 4' has ten times showed the highest audience rating of 5.1% and 6.5% on the pay-TV platform with integrated cable, satellite and IPTV. What a record! 

In particular, the target audience ratings were (male and female viewers 20-49 years of age) average of 4.8% and a maximum of 5.6%, reaching the top during that time of broadcast. The last week's episode featuring Movie Quiz was released out and features preliminary quizzes, the problems of various genres such as the members got most of the wrong answers with lots of laughter. YB (Young boys) team won the game due to the mistake from Soo Geun stating 'upsession' instead of 'inception'. LOL! The upgraded version of the "Zombie game" attracted lots of attention as well.

In addition, the last dragon-ball game of the season entitled "With God"  depicts the sculptures that climb up Fansipan Mt in Sapa, Vietnam. A solo exhibition where only one person can make a wish by unfolding each stage of the game. After a fierce battle,Soo Geun finally met Yong Shin and succeeded in collecting the Dragon Ball.

It was the first time that OB team succeeded in collecting Dragon Ball in the season. Their wishes and back stories can be seen in the director's edition of "New Journey to the West S4" to be aired at 9:30 pm on the 22nd August 2017.

TVXQ to resume activities after 2 years hiatus.

Hallyu duo group TXVQ (Dong bang shin ki) will start resuming activities after been away from the entertainment industry for 2 years. Both members have entered military services and finished up as well.

Their first activity is 3 major cities stop is TVXQ Asia Press Tour - Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The Asian press tour is the first official event that will take place in two years as members of TVXQ all over the world in April,

Since their very debut in 2004, TVXQ has played a leading role in K-Pop fanatics not only in Korea but also throughout Asia and worldwide. With their special album "RISE AS GOD" released in July 2015, the original 5 member group won the music charts of Korea and China. During the four years from 2012 to 2015, the cumulative number of concert tours in Japan alone reached 2.75 million.

However 3 members- Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun left the group after court case and formed JYJ. The remaining 2 members U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin are still with SM Entertainment. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Broadcasting stations aired special movies on Liberation Day.

The TV Broadcasting stations in South Korea have prepared various special movies to be aired on the South Korea's Liberation Day.

OCN channel has prepared to screen the 2015 movie 'Veteran' starring Yoo Ah In and Hwang Jung Min which has scored 10 million viewers in the cinema, followed by the movie Assassination by Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun and lastly 'Violent Prosecutor' by Hwang Jung Min and Kang Dong Wan. 

There will be plenty of Hollywood movies and programs aired as well on the Liberation Day.
In addition, tbs TV will broadcast live "Gwanghwamun Citizen Plaza Concert" on the 72nd anniversary of Liberation Day in Gwanghwamun Square at 8 pm on the 15th August.

1,000 members including environmental ministers, firefighters, police and volunteers are invited as special guests. Jeon In Kwon band, singer Han Young Ae, Seoul City Symphony Orchestra, Seoul Boys and Girls' Choir are part of the band as well.

BTS snags International Artist Award in US Teen Choice 2017.

Group BTS 방탄소년단 has a successful smooth sailing year in the music industry. After winning the Most Social Artist Award in the recent Billboard Music Awards, the boys have now swap home International Artist Award in the US Teen Choice Awards

According to their agency Big Hit Entertainment on 15th August, BTS was selected as the 'Choice International Artist' category winner at '2017 Teen Choice Awards' held at the Los Angeles Galena Centre on 13th August. 

Teen Choice Awards is an award ceremony hosted by American broadcaster Fox with voters ranging from 13-19 year old will select winners in music, film, broadcast, sports and fashion.

BTS has proven themselves to be successful as they are the first Korean pop artist to win an award in the Billboards and ranked 44th spot in the New York Times. 

Hwang Jung Eum becomes a mother.

Actress and former group member Sugar- Hwang Jung Eum (33) has given birth to a baby boy on Korea's Liberation Day after 18 months of marriage.

She has safely delivered a son at 8.30 pm on 15th August 2017.
Both mother and son are healthy and well. They have received good blessings from both families and friends.

Hwang has mentioned she is happy to give birth to a healthy baby boy on Liberation Day. She thanked her management co, families and friends who have given their blessings and thoughts.

The actress married professional golfer and businessman, Lee Young Don in Feb last year. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ji Chang Wook salutes off to army.

Actor Ji Chang Wook (30) has enlisted in the military services on 14th August. 

He is scheduled to join the recruitment training battalion of the third division of Cheolwon-gun, Gangwon Province in the afternoon and serve as an active army in the camp after receiving basic military training.

Ji said, "I will lead a happy and healthy life as best as I can."
He even shared online a video of him having his military hair-cut. (which I won't be posting it here as I feel sad upon seeing one by one actors heading off to army this year)
Let's just keep a nice image of him looking very nice in his suits and look. 😃😃

He made his debut in 2008 drama 'I Got You Back'. He has been active in the drama 'Sol Pharmacy House Sons' (2009), 'Smile Again Dong-Hae' (2010), 'Empress Ki' (2013), Healer (2015), K2 (2016) and recently 'Suspicious Partner' (2017).

Ji Chang Wook will be discharged out from military in May 2019.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Taxi Driver, Battleship Island, Youth Police have hit million mark viewers.

The movie 'Taxi Driver' starring veteran actor Song Kang Ho have surpassed the 7 million viewers mark on the 11th day after it hit local screens in South Korea. 

Taxi Driver has proven to be recorded the shortest time among films released this year exceeding 7 million viewers. In addition to the struggle of the newest works, integrating computer network and various advance booking ranks in the advance booking rate. It is raising the expectation of the first 10 million viewers movie this year.

Due to the high expectations from A-list actors such as Song, Yoo Hae Jin, Ryu Jun Yeol and Thomas Kretschman, it is a story that brings laughter and touching moments with the director PD Jang Hoon. In 1980, a taxi driver Kim Man Seob from Seoul drove all the way to Gwangju for money and got himself involved with the Gwangju Democratisation Movement along with the German reporter. 

On the other hand, The Battleship Island has attracted the most attention as the best-anticipated movie this summer along with Taxi Driver. On the 12th, 40,749 people were seated daily and the number of cumulative audiences was 6,423,206. On the same day, the box office ranks fifth in the list, with only 2.5% of sales. Battleship Island has invested more than 20 billion won in production costs, has a break even point of 7 million viewers. However, if one include the marketing expenses, it is said that more than 8 million people will make a break-even point.

The two youthful actors Kang Ha Neul and Park Seo Joon in the comical movie Youth Police seems to be on a miserable state. On the 4th day, the number of cumulative audiences exceeded 1 million for Youth Police.

Trouble spells out for SHINee's Onew in night club.

The popular group SHInee is in spotlight after leader Onew (28, Lee Jin Ki) lands himself in hot water as he was recently arrested in a night club and been charged for sexual harassment.

Wh...what? I do not think Onew is that kind of weirdo...unless he is high on something... According to the agency, SM Entertainment rep has mentioned that the singer was accused of touching a woman in her 20's at the club in Gangnam. 

Onew was visiting the club with friends to celebrate his debut as a DJ at dawn however while dancing in a drunken state, he was making unintentional physical contact with people around him.

SM said, "We are aware that the other party of what could happen in the midst of drunken state, so we have filed a complaint alleging that we have solved all misunderstandings and did not want any further punishment."

Since Onew is a public figure and singer, he will cooperate with the police for further investigation. SM asked all to refrain from further reports of speculation at that time when the progress of the case has yet to be confirmed. Police are midst of investigating precise incident case. 

SHInee group debuted as singers in 2008 with their hit singer ' Noona, you're too beautiful'.
In fact last year Onew co-starred in the KBS hit drama Descendants of the Sun.

Nostalgic feeling with The Battleship Island movie.

Since it is the K-movie of the year, I made my way to Village Century City Cinemas to watch the blockbuster movie The Battleship Island 군함도. I felt I was one of the few who are non-Koreans in the cinema watching the movie.

The story opens with coal miners as young as 13-14 year old boys were forced working underground with very minimal clothing, a protection hat with a dorky lamp and some crappy mining tools. They were whipped like animals and roughly shoved to work harder if they hit a gas pipe. 

Meanwhile in Seoul, a band clarinet player Kang Ok (played by Hwang Jung Min) with his only little daughter So Hee makes a living by playing in the Myeongdong Hotel. He was tricked by a fellow Korean to go to Japan. They found themselves working as hard labour in Hashima Island.A street thug Choi Chil Sung (played by So Ji Sub) often find himself in trouble fighting around the bullies in the camp. Life was indeed tough in the camp. The Korean labourers were often beaten and treated unfairly. Mal Nyeon (played by Lee Jung Hyun) is a comfort woman in the camp gets in various trouble however Chil Sung seems to protect her. 

Then in a secret camp in China, an OSS agent and Korean independence fighter Park Mu Young (played by Song Joong Ki) is secretly send to Hashima Island to rescue another independence leader Yoon Hak Chul. Park seeks Kang Ok's help since he could speak Japanese. He sends a telegraph requesting for help however he found out that Yoon is actually a traitor. He has been secretly exploiting his own people's welfare and money. Park together with Kang Ok, So Hee, Mal Nyeon and Chil Sung teamed up to escape from the island for good. The US plane bombers dropped bombs across the island causing the place partially crippled. Yamada is planning to take over command from Daisuke who died in the bombing. Yamada knows the war between Japan and US will never end. He intends to kill all the Korean miners in the ground and blamed it on elsewhere.
Yoon pretends he is on the South Korean's side when Park and Kang Ok disclosed out his real identity. Park was angered on how Yoon cheated his people and betrayed his nation. Park gave Yoon a swift death by slitting his throat. The rest of the miners, women and kids will crawl out to escape to the ship nearby. During the escape, the Japanese discovered that the Koreans were running away. It was pure battle to the end. Many Koreans died during the battle to escape for freedom. Chil Sung lead his team to fight to the end with Park rushing through the injured to the ship. Yamada ordered his soldiers to start firing at the innocent people. So Hee threw a bottle of explosive towards Yamada igniting fire onto his body while Park stood up with the samurai sword and chopped his head off. The rest were stunned as Park announced it's over...the leader is dead....everyone is going home.

Chil Sung and Mal Nyeon died during the battle lying together. Kang Ok boarded the ship with So Hee. He begged Park to look after his daughter as he was injured as well. Kang Ok took his last breath and So Hee cried bitterly.

It was a story depicting the real life events where coal miners from South Korea and China were deployed to Hashima 'hell' island as forced labours. It is true because if you ever watched the episode of Infinity Challenge- MC Yoo Jae Suk and Haha visited the Koreans who lived through that time, the survivors tell the story. The workers were wearing like G-string panties climbing through the dirt and rough coal mines with little food to eat.

The movie is all about survival and escape to freedom from the Japanese. It was lucky that US bombed Nagasaki city in 1945 to end the Second World War. Otherwise the Japanese has conquered the whole of South East Asia. 
Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub were the main leads however it seems to be Song Joong Ki's role is one to ignite the plan and freed the prisoners. Hah! He was the only one who survived with Kim Su An - the little girl from Train to Busan. If you are looking for pretty looking boys- i'm afraid there is none because everyone looked dirty and rough from the coal mines except their six-pack bodies. Heheh!
Well here's a treat- the casts took to the main page of BAZAAR magazine front page.

Now least everyone looks clean, neat and 'fresh' looking....

Thursday, August 10, 2017

EXO Kai's drama Andante to air on 10th Sep.

After a long wait, it's over....EXO Kai's first leading drama Andante will be aired on 10th Sep.

The drama "Adante" starring EXO's Kai (23, Kim Jong-inwill be broadcast at 1TV every morning on September. The drama is a growing story of typical urban child, Shi Kyeong' (Kai) who is transferred to a suspicious rural high school.

Apart from Kai, Lee Ye Hyun, Baek Chul Min, Kim Jin Kyung and other actors such as Seong Byung Sook, Jeon Mi Sun and Kim Kwang Sik are the veteran actors in it.

'Andante' is directed by Park Ki-ho and PD Kwon, who wrote and produced the drama 'Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek'.

Model/actor Lee Soo Hyuk for enlistment.

Actor and model Lee Soo Hyuk (29, Lee Hyuk-su) is up for enlistment on 10th Aug.

Lee  will enter the recruitment training camp this afternoon and will receive basic military training for four weeks. From there he will serve as a public service employee. His duties will end on August 2019. He will quietly begin his military duties without a special event.

Lee Soo Hyuk debuted in the entertainment industry in 2006. In 2010, he began his career with the film 'Ipanema Boy'. He appeared in drama 'Deep Tree Roots' (2011), 'Shark' (2013) and 'King of High School King' (2014).

Chae Rim is entering motherhood.

Actress Chae Rim (38, Park Chae Rim) and Chinese actor Gao Jiome (36)are becoming parents.

"It's hard to go into the details because it's privacy matter," said SIDUS HQ rep has mentioned. 

Chae Rim and Jiaome met in 2013 in the CCTV drama 'Lee Clan', which was broadcast in China. They tied the knot in 2014.

Cha Rim who made her debut in the entertainment industry in 1994, appeared in dramas such as Four Sisters, Pair and KAIST. She was more well know in the big drama All About Eve where she played the naive girl playing opposite Jang Dong Gun, Kim So Yeon and Han Jae Suk. She was last seen in 2010 SBS drama Oh My Lady. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Weekly Idol surprises with Wanna One's Kang Daniel.

MBC's Everyone Weekly Idol will be featuring new rookie group Wanna One on 9th August.
Member Kang Daniel (21) will be performing their modern dance.

Wanna One is formed under the Produce 101: Season 2 program by YMC Entertainment and CJ E&M are debuting this year. They consist of 11 members in the group. Most members are born from 1991-2001 which makes them the late baby boomers.

Kang Daniel is one of the members with various charms despite it's his first time appearing in Weekly Idol program. He has been catching a lot of attention since he majored in contemporary dance during his high school years and won the dance competition. However he has never been able to show his dance skills on TV. 

EXO vs BTS in 2017 SOBA online voting.

2017 Soribada Best K-Music Awards hosted by Soribada in September is expecting a fierce competition between 2 idol groups- EXO and BTS.

The '2017 The 1st SORIBADA Best K-Music Awards will be held at Jamsil Gymnasium, Songpa-gu, Seoul at 6:30 pm on September 20th. YJ Partners (CEO Lee Young-ju) is in charge of the production.

The Top 50 were selected based on the records and sound sources released from September last year to the end of August. On July 20th marks the online voting for '2017 SOBA Top 10'.

According to the present status of the 2017 SOBA voting site, EXO and BTS are in the leads for  the '2017 SOBA Top 10' which selects 10 teams with the most support from music fans. Other groups include Highlight, Mamamoo, GOT7 were also ranked in Top 10.

The Shinhan Ryu Popularity Award will be either going to EXO or BTS as they continue to spread K-pop music and culture across the globe. In addition other contestants for the award are T-Ara, Taeyeon, GOT7, Hwang Chi Yeul, G-Dragon, IU, Highlight and Mamamoo. '2017 SOBA 10' and 'Shinhan Ryu Popularity Award' will be selecting the winners by reflecting online voting scores, scores come either from streaming and downloading, runners committee score, and professional committee scores. Especially the scores (streaming, download) and the online voting score are the highest percentage of the winner selection criteria.

'2017 SOBA' will be translated into multilingual languages ​​in 7 countries including English, Chinese and Japanese. It will be transmitted in real time to over 160 countries through various social network services (SNS). Good luck to all the nominees.

VIXX's N faints during heat-wave event.

Member of group VIXX- N (Cha Hak Yeon) collapsed while performing for the open air event during the heat-wave. According to the music industry and agency Jellyfish Entertainment on 9th August, singer N fell into a sudden recession while singing the hit song 'Shangri-la' in an outdoor event held in Gyeongju during the hot afternoon.

At the time, video and photos of the scene spread like fire in the wild especially in SNS and the worries about N's health grew among the fans.

Jellyfish Entertainment has then confirmed that he had fallen down due to heat during the stage event. N has recovered by taking immediate action at the hospital. N will be undergoing thorough body check up to manage his health properly.

As the recent heat wave continues in South Korea especially during the daytime performances, there has been an emergency cases especially among singers.

"I drink as much water as possible and constantly monitoring the health conditions," said the singer who performed several performances this month. The singer and his agency have no choice but to keep an eye on his health.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Up-close with Korean film 'Youth Police'

When you think of energy and body, the first thought that came across the mind is Ki Jun (played by Park Seo Joon) and analytical joyful person Hee Yeol (played by Kang Ha Neul) from the latest police academy film.

Two people meet together with various character and background. And during the training period, they are getting tired of living in the dorm without girlfriends. The two young trainee police head off to night clubs for some fun.

While been unemployed and enjoying in the club, the two happened to witness a woman being kidnapped while walking down the alley. Off they went to report to the police for further investigation however the situation took a twist. It wasn't what they have expected so they have decided to come up with their own solutions.

Youth Police is directed by PD Jang Hoon was named as one of the three South Korean movies expected this summer alongside with' The Battleship Island 'and' The Taxi Driver'. However it was always rated as the weakest film among the 3. Youth Police is considered a film with actors low ticketing power, no box-office supervisors, no large-scale production costs, not attractive enough. Two young actors who are not considered top stars with a new director. PD Jang Hoon was the only director who produced a short film at the time filled the story of countless productions that had been repeated many times. So this assessment is not unreasonable. However, there is something in "Youth Police" that is not found in the other two big block buster movies that can never be seen. It is the perky energy in the movie which is the biggest advantage of the movie.

If the story is just about two youth men who are united in a sense of justice OR those who were surrounded by a sense of duty, they might have made the audience feel bored.
'Youth Police' does not forget that the protagonist  who is a college student in their early 20s, knowing what limitations they can and what their actions can be sometimes stupid. Instead it takes advantage of the natural force that can not be seen in the blood that comes out at that time. They are bogged down yet they are not sure if what they are doing right and sometimes they are embarrassed and often throw jokes. Just moving forward is what they can do, and youth is the 'Youth Police' is all about with lines of comedy. 

The only thing that keeps the movie going is Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. The twoactors who were recognised for their performances in previous works but they were still considered lacking in responsibility for the complete work. The humour of this work is due to the timing of the battle between the two men rather than the good personalities.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Park Seo Joon and Kang Haneul set hearts on fire in Running Man.

The latest episode of Running Man features two actors Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. Even from their silhouettes, you can see the production crew are getting excited over them. Jeon So Min even wore a dress to look more feminine compared to Ji Hyo who couldn't be bothered to dress up on a hot summer day.  So Min gets giddy and shy upon seeing the two hottest actors. She gave one of the lamest excuses that it's the first time she has seen male guests in RM when Se Chan angrily tells her off last episode there were so many male guests that she totally forgotten about them already. Who can blame her? I'd just have my attention of Seo Joon and Ha Neul too.

Jae Suk started nicknaming Ha Neul in English name as 'Strong Sky' and Seo Joon as 'Some Way' from his recent drama. The PD tells them the game starts with "Find the Boss". The two guests are in Police Team while rest of RM casts are villains with one is an undercover police. Polices are supposed to identify their counter part to eliminate the villains. Villains need to find the password and get the suitcase containing $1000 by confusing the police team. 

1 hour before the filming of the guests appearances, RM casts were given boxes with their new identities whereby Suk Jin is the 'boss' and Kwangsoo is the undercover. Kwangsoo can't hide his excitement started announcing to the guests that he is the real undercover which led them feeling suspicious over his identity.

First game is spinning the wheel to carry on their duties. It can be either dance, aegyo (show cuteness)...etc. The judges consists of the VJ, writers and bodyguard. Ha Ha dished out that So Min can't decide who to choose between the two handsome actors which she lamented unfortunately Ha Neul has to go to army final decision is Seo Joon. LOL! So Min started  her dance sexy moves which only scored 10 points where Ji Hyo scored 50. Haha is annoyed that female crew gets giddy upon everything Haneul does or say. When he started dancing Uptown Funk which immediately scored 350 points from the girls! Jong Kook's aegyo killed everything and received negative points including Kwangsoo's aegyo was disastrous.
Villains team gives the weird vibe with So Min playing her aegyo in front of Seo Joon leaving him flabbergasted and blank. He turned away and said 'next' as he just didn't know what to do. Jae Suk complained to So Min it's not a kindergarten session, she should speak up properly.

When it came to Seo Joon's turn for aegyo, he totally won the girls' attention even with the stony faced bodyguard immediately gave him 50 points. Police team gets hints for their undercover while Villain Team receive hints for their end as well. 2nd mission was funnier when they headed to a pool where loser gets dumped into the water. Police team scouted Ji Hyo into their team while Kwangsoo desperately wanted their attention. He needs to ensure his team wins. Ha Neul starts off asking So Min to give him 3 reasons why she likes him. She just blurted out- everything, she likes everything about him while everyone cracked up at her strange answer!

Police team starts suspecting that Kwangsoo might be the villain boss when he is actually their aid. Final mission is eliminating name tag. They were in the working office trying to find mobile phones with R sticker tag and get more hints to finish the game. Police team finds few clues which stated Boss is a Man, A Coward and he doesn't live with his parents. Police team eliminated Ji Hyo and So Min as they were the only two females. At the prison centre, So Min confesses that she was flustered when Ha Neul grab her wrists and it was like 'love is in the air'
Oh dear.... she's the female Kwang soo version.... 

Ha Neul thinks Haha is on their side and joins him around. Seo Joon was in dilemma between Suk Jin and Kwangsoo. Jae Suk found the car containing the briefcase of money and rings Kwangsoo calling him boss instead which led Seo Joon ripping off Kwangsoo's name tag. To their horror, the announcement came that Suk Jin is the real boss and Kwangsoo is the police undercover! The shocked blank looks were spread across their faces. Ha Neul was pissed off at Haha and vents his anger at him. Kwangsoo was annoyed as he was all day chasing the two men hinting, aiding them and they didn't believe in him.

The $1K will be donated to charity under the 7 members' names. Well done.
They thanked Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul for their appearances. We wish Ha Neul the best of luck & return with good health in serving the army.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lee Jong Suk postpones military services.

Actor Lee Jong Suk (28) has received the letter and decided to postpone military services.

YG Entertainment said yesterday, "Actor Lee has recently been called to the country to consider his mandatory military services but he has decided not to lighten his responsibilities as a main actor.

The actor was still able to postpone his military services due date. He must be enrolled until 2018 when he turned 29.

Lee Jong Suk said he was sorry that he enrolled later than his other peers. But he is going to finish his work well and faithfully fulfil his obligation of defence as a Korean man."

YG rep said, "We do ask for your understanding and your generosity until now  to support for Lee Jong Suk while he presents everyone with good work for the rest of the year."

If Lee pursued the call for services, he had to go to the hospital this month for check ups. Lee Jong Suk has starred in the movie "VIP" which is scheduled to screen this month in cinemas and the drama "While You Are Sleeping" which is scheduled to broadcast in September.

Han Ji Min visits 3 brothers in Three Meals a Day program.

tvN's Three Meals a Day new comeback season has renewed its spot as top variety program after airing its first episode.

According to Nielsen Korea on 5th August, it has recorded the average audience rating of 10.6% on the pay platform basis and 13.3% at that time.

tvN's target audiences are viewers ranging age from 20- to 40-year-old TV group had an average audience rating of 6.4% and instantaneous peak audience rating of 8%, which was the highest among all channels including cable network channels.

On the day of the broadcast, the three blokes who have gathered again in a long time began to adapt to the summer season. Actor Lee Seo Jin (46), Shinhwa's Eric Mun (38) and Yoon Gyun Sang (30) were on the upgraded car named 'Erica'. The three were challenged to beautiful ranch, farming and giving goat's milk to the villagers.

The new season featuring the 'Sea Ranch' welcomes the picturesque ocean ranch against the backdrop of the lush ocean, seven herders were waiting for their two daughters and grandchildren. And don't forget the adorable goat named 'Jackson' is with them. Ha-ha! 

Actress Han Ji Min (35) made her guest appearance in this season which made the 3 men smiled broadly. She was there to converse with them comfortably and surprisingly Seo Jin made the soybean (miso) soup. Han Ji Min has  previously worked together with Seo Jin in the sageuk drama, while Eric is there to pipe in awkwardness among all. There were expectations for youth growing chemistry between her and Yoon Gyun Sang since they are in the same age group. 

Three Meals a Day: Sea Ranch is broadcast every Friday at 9:50 pm via tvN channel.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kim Jun Su films a special video conference for fans.

JYJ's member Kim Jun Su  who is in the army will be holding a special video conference.

According to his agency CJS Entertainment, Jun Su's special video conference will be held at the COEX Conference Room #401.

It is a place to reveal the highlights of the video that Kim Jun Su had filmed for his fans before the entering army in February.

Jun Su, who is a music-related sportsman has shown his athletic ability through futsal, table tennis and shooting. In addition, Song Euni collaborates the talk show together with Jun Su will also be screened for viewers.

CJS representative has mentioned that it will be a special gift for the fans who will be missing the singer throughout his serving military period. Jun Su has always conveyed his gratitude to the fans who kept him in the same place through special interviews.

Meanwhile, Jun Su is currently serving in the Public Relations Department of the Southern Regional Police Agency in Gyeong-gi Province.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Battleship Island has 5 million viewers within 8 days.

The movie 'Battleship Island' (directed by Ryu Seung Wan) has won over 5 million spectators. It is the fastest moving film in South Korea released this year within 8 days.

According to the film promotion committee on 2nd August, 'Battleship Island' has added 63,296 viewers as of 9:30 am, exceeding 5 million cumulative audience. The movie was screened 9511 times from 1847 on the day before the movie and the total number of viewers was 4,937,329. Other movies such as Spider-Man: Homecoming (7,200,000)," The King "(5,301,000) and Beauty and the Beast "(5,133,000)

However, Battleship Island also seems to be shaky at the start from this day. The number of previewed tickets for 'Taxi Driver' starring actor Song Kang Ho (2 days) is close to 200,000 as of 11 am (199,9900, 45.9% share price) It is expected that it will not be able to maintain such rating as an explosive box office.

Battleship Island is based on true story at Hashima in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan where the Koreans were forced labour during the Japanese colonial period. The story depicts about 400 South Koreans who try to escape from the island. Hwang Jung-min, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jung Hyun are among the main leads under direction from director Ryu Seung Wan who has successfully achieved over 10 million viewers in 2015 movie 'Veteran' (13.14 million viewers).

◇ PD Ryu Seung Wan Top 5 Films 
 1. Veteran (2015) 13.4 million
  2. Berlin (2013) 7.16 million
  3. Battleship Island (2017) 5 million (* in progress)
  4. The Unjust (2010) 2.72 million

  5. Crying a Fist (2005) 1.46 million

  ◇ This year's domestic release movie box top 5  ◇
  1. Confidential Assignment 7.81 million
  2. Spider man: Homecoming: 7.2 million 
  3. The King of 531 million
  4. Beauty and Beast 513,000

  5. Battleship Island (* in progress)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Journey to the West S4 laughter's in Vietnam.

tvN's New Journey to the West Season 4 (directed by PD Na Young Suk) has renewed its highest viewers ratings once again. 

According to Nielsen Korea on the 2nd August, it was  reported that the average tvN 'New Journey to the West Season 4 has received the highest audience rating of 4.4% and the highest rate of 5.4% on the pay-TV platform with integrated cable, satellite and IPTV.In particular the target audience ratings (male and female, 20-49 years) averaged 3.8% and 4.7%, respectively.

On the recent episode, members of the group arrived in Sapa- a northern mountain town in Vietnam. Their first stop was Na Na Restaurant  followed by Na Na's shop. They played a  game where one can eat as many bananas with matching of delicious food. The most hungry person- Kang Ho Dong passed the game easily with fellow members Ahn Jae Hyun and Lee So Geun eating as well, while Song Min Ho laughed at some of the most ridiculous wrong proverb answers.

In addition, there was a learning corner entitled 'Let's Learn Vietnamese' where the main product is rice. Vietnamese rice is often served as a base with a side dish provided every time as to how to match the picture quiz. It was an unforgettable memory where members often forget and match the wrong pictures. 

New Journey to the West Season 4 is aired via tvN channel on every Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

Lee Je Hoon as ambassador for Urban Architecture Biennale.

Actor Lee Je Hoon who played the major role as an architecture student in the movie Architecture 101 has been appointed as an ambassador for the 2017 Seoul City Architecture Biennale.

Lee Je Hoon made his debut in the entertainment industry in films Bleak Night and Front Line in 2011. His major breakthrough role was in Architecture 101 in 2012 playing opposite Miss A's Suzy. 

His major drama hits were Secret Door (2014), Signal (2016) and recently Tomorrow with You (2017). The Seoul Metropolitan Government agreed and said that, "Actor Lee Je Hoon is a representative as a young actor who has passionate and forward-looking image, challenging various works including an introduction to architecture which deals with architecture that proposes new ideas about the future of the city. 

Je Hoon said that as a citizen of Seoul, he wonders what the city of the future will be like.. He will do my best to announce the Seoul City Architecture Biennale which will be the place to experience the future of Seoul through architecture. He participated in the publicity video of Seoul Biennale and informed the citizens and the world of the biennale which was held for the first time in Koreal. He'll be attending the opening ceremony of the Biennale in September.

Meanwhile the Seoul City Architecture Biennale 2017- hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Design Foundation will be held from September 2 to November 5, with more than 50 cities and 120 related organisations participating in it. The Donuimun Museum Village and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) held it everywhere in the city.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Former BEAST member Jang Hyun Sung self reflects.

Singer Jang Hyun Sung, who was a former member of the group BEAST has spoken up regarding the huge controversy in about a year and three months after leaving the team.

On July 31st, Jang mentioned in his Instagram account -"I tried very hard to stick to my individual role rather than understanding group activities and teamwork. Immediately after listening to others, I put on my stubbornness and pride. It was very difficult. "

"The wall began to slowly build up among the members slowly built up and became too thick that instead of choosing harmony, I chose to move away." Jang Hyun Sung, who made his debut as BEAST member in 2009, immediately withdrew from the group last April due to differences in musical point of view and personality.

The rest of the members did not renew their contract with their former agency, Cube Entertainment.  They carried on with new group name HIGHLIGHT. Jang then released his solo single entitled 'Home' last month after two years.

Jang also said, "I have been loved and supported for the past seven years. As a child, I thought that singers who danced and sing on TV would be splendid and cool. From then on, I was able to make an idol debut with the members. I have my own dream and own discomforts with a musical thirst that did not go away. I lost my ability to control myself and shown a bad attitude in all the official seats including the stage. I was mistaken because I was enjoying my youth.

He also confessed that he thought that maybe those things were cool but many of them are regrettable. In addition it was difficult to say that he was sorry for his unnecessary self-esteem as well as his stubbornness. He did not see himself so he apologised to those who have been hurt by his reactions as much as it hurts him with selfish decisions and regrettably sorry. 

Secret Forest concludes with Jo Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na.

"There was a belief that the world could have a strong sense by providing good influence."

 Actor Jo Seung-woo said, "I am proud to have been able to do this drama and I am happy given an unlimited amount of thanks to viewers."

tvN's Secret Forest ends its final episode on 30th July. Secret Forest is a rare genre drama that shows the power to move 4.0-5.0% of viewer ratings. In terms of audience ratings as well as completeness, it has received a good reputation as 'the highest rally of the past' and led to unanimous favourable reception.

Jo Seung-woo plays the role of Prosecutor Hwang Si Mok and he has proved once again as one of the actors with the best acting ability. Hwang Si Mok is a character has no emotions after a brain surgery. He is one who takes precedence over justice through law. Jo has been evaluated as an extremely charismatic expression.

 "I have taken pictures with good people and it will be a memorable memory for me. Thank you to all those who love the Secret Forest, I have been struggling to get used to it on the weekend."

Actor Lee Jun Hyuk who plays Seo Dong Jae places a test that examines the powers of the public whereby he goes between Hwang Si Mok and Chief Secretary Lee Chang-joon. He says, "I would be perturbed by the dumb behaviour of Dong Jae but thank you for the fun. It was a good time. Dong Jae was a man who wanted to survive for the good people."

Actress Shin Hye Sun who played Prosecutor Eun Soo has proved the innocence of her father who was guilty of wrongdoing said, "My friends as well as the viewers do feel the pain and sadness when Eun Soo's character died while investigating the case. I was impressed by the feeling that I felt it.This work was a pleasant project that can be remembered for a long time even if it has ended." 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

My thoughts of Criminal Mind- KR version.

As much as I want to compare the US and KR version, I cannot say more because I haven't really watched the original American version. Ha ha! But after watching the first two episodes of tvN's Criminal Mind, I can't help but to be blown away by the cases and the most importantly the cast in the drama.

Son Hyun Joo has played the top profiler Kang Ki Hyung very well. Kang has very much regretted after the case 1 year ago at the hospital where he felt he was responsible for the agents that died while failing to detonating the explosives. Meanwhile Lee Jun Ki plays the hot tempered agent Kim Hyun Jun blames the NCI (National Criminal Investigation) for his colleague, Sung Hyun's demise. 

Kang and Kim meets again for a case involving kidnapping and murder female cases. It coincides when the late Sung Hyun's younger sister became the victim and Hyun Jun starts frantically searching for her whereabouts. He doesn't believe in the profiling and nonsense as time is precious before the psychopath starts killing again. Analyst Ha Sun Woo played by Moon Chae Won tells Hyun Jun to think rationally before acting. Of course there are some comic reliefs with the genius Lee Han who has 2 PhD and analysts Nana Hwang and Yoo Min Young.

Upcoming episodes Hyun Jun joins the NCI with the recommendation of Kang himself. He believes there are more cases for him to help and save the innocent. It is interesting to see Lee Jun Ki portraying the usual hot blooded agent who goes against his superiors command yet he is a profiler himself.

Veteran actor Kim Yeong Chul plays the NCI Director Baek I wonder how he has the time to juggle in between of two dramas. Kim Yeong Chul is currently playing the role of Father Is Strange weekend drama as the meek looking restaurant owner and now he's the Director! LOL!
Moon Chae Won has slightly put on some weight as it can be seen on her cheeks and jawline though she still looked slim for her frame. I have not really seen Go Yun and Lee Sun Bin in any dramas so they are the 'new face' to me. Yoo Sun has in dramas and it has been a while since I last saw her drama Our Gab Soon. Even actress Oh Yeon Soo who plays the wife to Son Hyun Joo has made her return to drama land. Apparently Oh has migrated to US for some time before coming back. 

Anyway Criminal Mind (KR version) seemed to be interesting to watch. WHY? It's because there is Lee Jun Ki- simple as that. This marked his first modern drama after he did Scholar Who Walks the Night and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dead Man Who Lives drama takes the lead.

MBC's rom-com drama 'Dead Man Who Lives' is taking the lead for Wed-Thu prime slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings on the 27th July, episodes 5-6 were 8.1% and 9.4% ratings respectively. It was slightly lower than the previous last week's 8.6% and 9.6% ratings of episodes but it succeeded in keeping the leader of Wed-Thu time slot. 

KBS2TV's Queen for 7 Days roped in 6.3-7.5% ratings while SBS Reunited Worlds scored 6.3% ratings. On the recent episode of Dead Man Who Lives, Jang Dal Gu (played by Choi Min Soo) couldn't recognize his own biological daughter Lee Ji Young (played by Kang Ye Won). Instead Jang has mistaken the other vixen Ji Young (played by Lee So Yeon) who is having the affair with Kang Ho Rim (played by Shin Sung Rok). Well thanks to that useless Ho Rim- Jang's so called son-in-law hasn't explained properly to him.

Dead Man Who Lives is a story of a young Korean man who went to the Middle East in 1970's and made a big fortune there. He then adapted a Middle Eastern name and has his own small kingdom- wealth, lavish mansion, sports cars, women and servants at his side. And then he was told that he has a grown up daughter living in South Korea. 

Bursting scenes from tVN's Criminal Mind.

tvN's latest drama Criminal Mind has kicked off with a smooth start.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 27th July,  Korea's Criminal Mind which was broadcast the previous day has recorded an average audience ratings of 4.2% and a maximum of 4.5%. tvN target audience ratings of men and women in their 20's and 40's recorded an average 3.4% and 3.8% respectively. Ratings have reached the top of the pay-per-view platform with integrated cable, satellite and IPTV.

On the day of the broadcast, the NCI team leader Kang Hyung Joo (played by Son Hyun Joo) meets EOD agent/police officer Kim Hyun Jun (played by Lee Jun Ki). Although Hyun Jun has a profound profiling ability, it has been revealed why he doesn't believe in profiling and he wondered on what occasion he would become an NCI on-site search agent.

'Criminal Mind' is an original American crime ritual that is broadcast through CBS in the US since 2005 and it is the first remake of its own in Asia at tvN station. Actors Son Hyun Joo (52), Lee Jun Ki (35) and Moon Chae Won (31) are leading the drama. Criminal Mind is aired on every Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10.50 pm.