Wednesday, February 14, 2018

IKON's I Have Loved becomes top hit song for 18th day.

The group IKON's "I Have Loved" has reached the top of the music charts for the 18th day and remained the best hit of the Boy Group since the last three years.


The title song '사랑을 했다' swept first place on the main music site daily chart (12th) including Melon, MNet, Genie, Soribada, OLE, Naver, It is the first record after Big Bang's Loser which was released in May 2015 with the first record on the 18th day based on MELON site which is the largest music source site in South Korea.

 "I Have Loved" is the longest duration period for a boy band's music since the last three years.

The song 'I Have Loved', which has been positioned as the iconic hit song, which is rather addictive with melodies and warm emotions.

The overseas reactions is unexpected as well. Billboard, Buzzfeed and others were very popular for IKON's growth and musicality. Time magazine cited IKON as one of the six most popular K-pop groups. In addition, 17 countries including the United States, Japan, China and iTunes have also recorded the top of the charts and sound recording sites.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Unit finalists and winners.

The so-called voting for their favourite unit members have all been completed with trainees who have come together, trained, danced, laughed and cried for 150 days... The UNIT has been formed with Idol Rebooting Project for those who have tried hard and didn't make it big. But this isn't the end of everything. 

The Unit B (Boys) team 9 finalists are:

  1. Jun (U-Kiss) - 165,302 votes
  2. Eui Jin (Bigflo)
  3. Go Ho Jung (Hotshot)
  4. Feeldog (Bigstar)
  5. Marco (HBY)
  6. Ji Han Sol
  7. Dae Won (Madtown)
  8. Ki Joong (IM)
  9. Chan (ACE)
The Unit G (Girls) team 9 finalists are:
  1. Eui Jin (Sonamoo)- 108, 066 votes
  2. Ye Bin (DIA)
  3. NC.A
  4. Yoon Jo
  5. Lee Hyun Joo
  6. Yang Ji Won
  7. Woo Hee (Dal Shabet)
  8. ZN (Laboum)
  9. Lee Su Ji
The missed out contestants for ninth place were Kim Timoteo (Hotshot) and Ji Won (Good Day). It came to quite a surprise as Timoteo was a favourite in episodes 4-7 however his ranking slowly slide down with Jun and Eui Jin taking over the first two positions. Feeldog hasn't changed his position much on 4th position- he's a great leader and nice personality.
Sonamoo's Eui Jin has been consistent on Episode 8-13 on first spot taking over from Yang Ji Won. 

The UNIT didn't score as many ratings as Produce 101 Season 1 and 2 - probably people have gotten stale over the same voting process. Personally I have skipped most of the Unit G performances as there was just something lacking in girls performances. Unit B has more to boost up the audience and interesting skills. But I am glad that Feeldog, Eui Jin are in the finalists. Well done to all the winners! Oh btw, the Units are to actively perform for the next 10 months or so... 

Wanna One endorses for Shinhan Bank.

Wanna One project boy band has been selected as the new endorsement model for Shinhan Bank.

The 11-member boy band was formed last year through the program 'Produce 101' of MNet Broadcasting Company. They have proven to be very popular with their debut album. The group has appeared in Golden Disk Awards and won the New Artist Award at the awards ceremony.

Shinhan Bank rep has explained that the differentiation beyond Shinhan Bank's success model was similar to Shinhan Bank's passion, challenge spirit and innovative performance record of the background of the advertisement model selection.

Wanna One will be modelling for the mobile super app 'Shinhan SOL' which will be released this month. On the other hand, Shinhan Bank will hold a pre-scheduled event from 12th onwards to celebrate the opening of Shinhan Sol. Event applications for various prizes will be available on the Shinhan Bank website or mobile apps.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb brand reputation goes to BTS, Wanna One and IKON.

Boy Group February Brand reputation Big data analysis results are out with 1st spot taken by BTS, second place Wanna One and 3rd place is IKON

The Korean company's reputation research institute measured 123.32 million 2307 Big Group brand Big Data from January 9 to February 10 through Consumer Behaviour Analysis, which is a measure of participation index, media index, communication index, community index respectively.

The brand index is an indicator of brand big data analysis that finds consumers' online habits have a big influence on brand consumption. The Boy Group brand reputation index measures positive along with negative ratings, media interest, consumer interest and traffics for the boy groups.

In February itself, the rankings go from 1st to 30th. 

Top 10: BTS, Wanna One, IKON, EXO, Big Bang, INFINITE, Seventeen, JBJ, SHInee, BTOB

This is followed by the rest including Super Junior, WINNER, Shinhwa, GOT7, 2PM, NCT,
Sechs Kies, VIXX, Block B, NU'EST W, B1A4, HIGHLIGHT, ASTRO, MXM, Monsta-X, BEAST, TRCNG, TVXQ, Rainz, and VAV. 

Misty- Kim Nam Joo a prime suspect.

In the recent jTBC drama Misty- Go Hye Ran (played by Kim Nam Joo) suddenly became a prime suspect for the death of pro-golfer Kevin Lee (played by Go Joon). The audience ratings was 5.3% (Nielsen Korea, metropolitan area paid furniture standard), 1.3% more than previous episode.


The accident of Kevin Lee was suspected to be a murder somehow provoked some curiosity and raised few eyebrows. The police summoned announcer Go Hye Ran to assist in the investigation. At this stage, Hye Ran panics when she cried out  looking at her estranged husband Lawyer Kang Tae Wook (played by Ji Jin Hee) and said it's not her, she didn't kill Kevin Lee.

Thanks to Tae Wook, Hye Ran had dinner with a senior presidential publicist in Cheong Wa Dae (The Blue House). She acted as if she did not know that he was a presidential candidate for public relations and appealing to her principles and convictions as a journalist without a glare. She doesn't hesitate to aim climbing up the stairs for success. However her dream bubble starts to crack when Kevin Lee provoked her by passing her brooch to Tae Wook at a drinking session. 

Hye Ran ran to the public phone booth and rang Kevin Lee threatening to kill him if he continues harassing her and her family. Kevin started repaying back Hye Ran's warnings in the same way she did to announcer Han Ji Won (played by Jin Ki Joo) The intimate photos of him kissing Hye Ran was intentionally snapped and send to her. If the photos were to be revealed to the public, being a press secretary of Cheong Wa Dae, as well as the Nine News will be over for Hye Ran. She went to meet Kevin Lee and the two people who talked in her car. 

Could Hye Ran be the real killer of Kevin Lee? (I doubt so...) She is a smart woman and wouldn't make a hasty move to affect her future career. 

In addition, veteran singer Lee Seung Chul has contributed his voice to the Misty drama OST.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Radio Romance Epi 3-4 recap

Radio Romance picks up at where Senior Writer Ra Ra Hee started nagging and picking at Song Geu Rim saying she is only good at sucking up to celebrities, bringing them into the program but has no skills to be a main writer. The insults went overboard where other staffs were listening with Ji Soo Hoo watching close by. He voiced out stating he will do it...he will do the radio program together while pulling Geu Rim away. She thinks Soo Hoo is just playing around whenever he is bored but this is her entire dream and career. He finally agreed to host the radio show with terms and conditions.

             Image result for 라디오 로맨스         Image result for 라디오 로맨스

The contract is whereby Soo Hoo picks his guests, determines the script and no live broadcast. Geu Rim has to also obey to whatever he says and he can quit at anytime. She was utterly shocked with the so-called slave condition contract but PD Lee Kang tells her to go ahead. At home, Jason felt Soo Hoo is doing things out of the ordinary because of Geu Rim. His step mother wasn't pleased to hear that he's hosting a radio show. Meanwhile Tae Ri, a snobby actress is threatening the CEO of JH Ent. to click her together with Soo Hoo, else she will dish out the actor-husband's affairs to reporters. 

    Image result for 라디오 로맨스Image result for 라디오 로맨스

The broadcasting station directors were very pleased to see a top star signing the contract to host the radio show. Female staff were in awe to see Soo Hoo in real person. Geu Rim promised him to work harder on the opening show script. PD Lee suggested two teams battle with Writer Ra fuming behind. The PD went scouting around for other assistants for the show. 
When he indirectly sussed out Soo Hoo for being unprofessional, immediately he came to see them at a cafe. Soo Hoo goes green eyed when he sees PD Lee hanging out with Geu Rim very often. The new team goes for a 1 Night 2 Days excursion with Jason and Soo Hoo surprised to know it's super nature trip. From car to ferry to a deserted island! Hah!

When Geu Rim accidentally left her notebook on the ferry, she rushed back to the port with Soo Hoo tagging along. They took the wrong bus and ended up in another remote area where an elderly man mistaken Soo Hoo for his long lost son. The night seem long and chilly too. Geu Rim fell asleep after exhaustion from work, Soo Hoo just stared at her for a long time. Suddenly it reminded him of the past- he and a friend were waiting at the bus stop with Geu Rim. One day his friend was hit by a truck, he tried calling Manager Kim many times. Those bad memories started flocking back resulting Soo Hoo leaving the trip without informing others. He is haunted by some trauma and that's why he refused to carry a mobile phone.

Geu Rim felt Soo Hoo's personality has changed dramatically overnight. He has turned icy cold again and even refused to read Geu Rim's prepared script on the radio show. The managers were impressed with Soo Hoo's deejay skills while praising Geu Rim and PD Lee.
Both looked annoyed and felt they needed a drink to de-stress. When Geu Rim was about to sit in PD Lee's car, Soo Hoo stopped her from getting on.

What the.... ?? First he put out all the conditions, then he got closer with her at the trip, then he disappears, then he shows up, ignores her revised radio scripts and now he stops her from ...
I can't read Soo Hoo's mind...either he's too boggled up with the trauma which hinders him from opening up to others OR his step mother has ulterior motives controlling his actions. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

2PM to commemorate Winter Olympic Games.

Hallyu group 2PM including member Tacyeon who is currently serving military, will be on stage with 'six full members' at the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games 2018.

According to the official website of JYP and the '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics' on the 6th Feb, 2PM will attend the 'Headliner Show' at the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province on the 19th February 2018.

Tacyeon, who joined the military in September 2017 was called to the country as a supporting agent for the army performance during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.
JYP said, "The PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games headliner show is also scheduled to solo. However, 2PM members who have heard of this news have expressed to participate together with Tacyeon. 

2PM members showed their steadfast teamwork and friendship with Tacyeon by adjusting their individual schedules without paying a separate performance fee. Members JUNK, Nickkhun, Junho, Woo Young and Chan Sung have expressed that they are thankful to participate in the country's big event with Tacyeon. Recently all members have re-signed their contract with JYP Entertainment. In particular, 2PM has been in charge of "JYP Foreign Cooperation Director" as it is the best in its agency;  it has been said that it will play a part in promoting JYP outside.

On the other hand, 2PM has continued to perform songs, concerts, performances, and overseas activities after a full-length concert last June.

Master in the House- Episode 6 Recap

First to arrive at the snowy area at Yang Se Hyung and he said bye to his manager for he is staying overnight at the mysterious master’s house. Next up was Seung Gi followed by Sung Jae and Sang Yun. The three were dressed in white knee length parka but Se Hyung is the odd one out in black leather jacket and jeans! They pointed out his fashion is out as they are at the mountains with thick snow so it’s advisable to wear scarf, boots and snow proof clothing. Seung Gi brought couple PJs for the Master while the ‘so-called lucky member’ to sleep with the Master has to massage his/her feet and also sing lullaby. While looking at the daily schedule of the Master- Sung Jae rejoices because there is no hard work or exercise! 

                    Image result for 집사부일체-최

They ring up someone to get some hints on their new Master. Immediately Seung Gi recognized the familiar voice- Big Bang’s Taeyang (the new groom)! Taeyang has personally not met the Master but wished he could. He has always looked up to him as Mentor. Se Hyung dishes the hints were not useful might as well Tae Yang comes over to join them meeting the Master. LOL! Tae Yang admits his time is up for enlistment very soon but Seung Gi encourages him to hang on or to seek help from him. As soon as Seung Gi starts his military talk- Se Hyung is annoyed and cut him off. The Master has a the nickname ‘Nations’ XXX’ while the rest of their brains started running wild thinking it’s near to Winter Olympics- it might be ice skater Kim Yuna or actress Moon Geun Yeung (Nation’s Little Sister).

As they wandered around the birch forest admiring the snow, they were told their Master is slowly approaching them from behind. They were getting excited and shocking veteran actor/host Choi Bool Am tapped Seung Gi and greeted him. The four immediately bowed and greeted Choi. Actor Choi has a nickname of ‘Nation’s Father’ after starring in family dramas in early 1980-1990s for many years. He is currently hosting Korean Table Food series where he goes around the entire nation searching for food.  He gets them to admire the beautiful birch forest with snow stating it’s romance. The four butlers were told to say their wish to the birch tree which somehow made them look silly. Sung Jae and Se Hyung were busy making their wishes loudly, Sang Yun remained quiet while Seung Gi whispers that from far they do look ‘insane’ (hugging and talking to a tree!)

   Image result for 집사부일체- 눈

Now it’s time for poetry… Actor Choi is famous for his artistic and poetry words. They were given a homework earlier to memorize and recite a poem. Sung Jae immediately becomes Actor Choi’s favorite pupil by reciting Na Tae Joo’s How Do I Live. Sang Yun tried his luck by reciting the poem ‘Red Devil’ which was famous in the 2002 World Cup held in South Korea/Japan.  Se Hyung recited Choi’s own poem and even created his own lines but somehow didn’t impress the veteran with some weird background music!
Seung Gi was funny as he just blurted out bluntly that he will recite using Choi’s initial names. They cracked up at the last part when Seung Gi saying Am--- Am Missing You…. (Singing away). Choi tells them to join him for lunch with his fellow friends at the nearby house in the snowy mountains. The four were excited since they were hungry. Se Hyung drove the van heading towards the friends’ house. They only heard the friends’ nick names were Jang Bi, Yu Bi and Guan Yu (WHA…what?!) They are the names of the familiar names of Generals in the series of Three Kingdom era. Seung Gi joked that Choi might be Zhuge Liang (the skilled war strategist) which he shook his head no-no!

After waiting for a while with snow falling, 3 men started walking towards the house with the background music from drama Goblin OST….hahah! What does it remind us- Goblin Kim Shin and Grim Reaper….slowly strutting towards them with food and wine.  Choi was thrilled to see his friends, started shaking hands with warm and love. The butlers just stood there admiring their friendship of the four elders. Choi nearly forgotten to introduce them to where they laughed and greeted the 3 elder s. Everyone were treated with a warm lovely lunch- brackens, bell roots, rice, wild boar seasoned meat and wine.  Slowly the four butlers felt Choi turned his back while eating happily with his friends. It seems there is a big wall dividing two tables. Se Hyung joked that the Master is ignoring them and having fun catching up with his friends. The YB (Young Boys) team just listened to every conversation from the OB (Old Boys) Team.  

Lunch ended quickly for the YB team so they crept out from the house feeling very awkward sitting inside. The snow is the only solace for the four butlers. They decided to play a game to decide the ‘lucky one’ to sleep with the Master wearing couple PJ, massage feet and singing lullaby to Choi. Se Hyung suggested a silly game where they dunk their face into the snow and the first to give up is the loser. While the three fools dipped their faces into the snow for 50 over seconds…only Sang Yun looked up and smiled at them. He can’t help but felt guilty after hearing them screaming away in the snow. Their faces were so frozen, noses were red and yet they endured the pain. Sung Jae asked if they are still alive since everyone remained quiet, Seung Gi started pushing Se Hyung at the side by throwing snow. At last Se Hyung screamed and gave up. Sang Yun just sat quietly observing their pain. Seung Gi felt his jaw was frozen while Sung Jae thinks his cheekbones were hardened in the snow! They concluded that Se Hyung should sleep with Choi that night. Sang Yun felt bad and immediately asked for another game…they refused. He admitted that he didn’t play the game properly leaving them dumbfounded. Se Hyung was about to curse but Sang Yun pointed out earlier they pranked on him many times so he doesn’t want to fall behind those traps. Se Hyung wondered if Seung Gi cheated too causing him to yell that his entire make up and trace is inside the snow hole. Haha! So they suggested Sang Yun to dunk his face in the snow for at least 52 seconds.

As usual Sang Yun is a tough cookie so he endured the cold but he couldn’t speak much because the snow is so cold that froze his entire face. Snow pack (face mask) for all the four butlers- heh!

Seung Gi reckoned Sang Yun and Se Hyung should just re-match because they were last two losers. Sung Jae and Seung Gi went over 55 seconds through the game. Sang Yun felt it wasn’t fun to where Sang Yun agreed. He admits he cheats but he immediately admits his fault so all should play again to find the real winner! OMG! 

Monday, February 5, 2018

K-Pop news on 06-Feb 2018

So what's in the news of K-pop and K-drama land this week

BTS leader and rapper, RM (Kim Nam Joon, 24) has recently undergone surgery for nasal seizures. The group's agency Big Hit Entertainment rep said on Feb 5th, "RM has been suffering from nasal septum due to difficulty in breathing with its nose and cartilage. Nasal seizure is a vertically located nose at the centre of the nose, which indicates that the nasal septum, which is the wall that divides the nostrils into two, is bent and causes nose-related symptoms- Nasal obstruction and sinusitis. Treatment can be done by correcting the septa via surgery. The rep has said, "The surgery is carried out safely and RM is recuperating."


FNC Entertainment which handles CN BLUE band will take legal action against false rumors and factors which is defaming the leader vocalist Jung Yong Hwa regarding his admission to Kyunghee University. Recently the singer has been confirmed for enlistment and rumours starting spreading around. He will enlist on March 5th, which is ahead of his overseas schedules.

Previously, Jung Yong Hwa was dismissed in the process of applying to the doctoral course of Applied Arts at the Graduate School of Kyunghee University in 2017, but it was revealed that he did not receive official interview nor passed the final examination. It was all false report.


Boy band GOT7 prepares for their next comeback whereby they will be releasing in March 2018 and Global World Tour kicks off in May 2018. The group celebrates their 4th year since their debut in singing industry. 

It has been a while since GOT7 has been active in the music industry.
They were popular with their hits such as Teenager, Never Ever, Hard Carry and You Are.
The members have been in various dramas and entertainment programs.


SM NCT is also preparing for their for its first broadcast. The new concept group is debuting in 2018. SM Entertainment said, "NCT will host the live event "WELCOME NCT 2018" via SMTOWN and NCT channels of Naver V-Live at 7:00 pm on the 6th February.

This is the first live broadcast of 18 NCT members and the newly joined members Jung Woo, Lucas and Kuhn will make their debut too. NCT has released two NCT 2018 Yearbooks to introduce 18 members who will serve as various teams of NCT in 2018 prior to their full-fledged activities.

- What?! 18 members...that's too many in a group...this isn't going to work...sorry to say... ** 


MNet "Chinese Idol Trainer"- Produce 101 with unfortunate similarities.

MNet has expressed regrets as a program that has literally copied the 'Produce 101' concept which was a big hit syndrome in South Korea amid the plagiarism of Chinese programs' unauthorised Korean programs.

Mnet said on Feb 5, "The program concept, composition, process, editing method and set design elements of" Idol Trainer ", which started broadcasting on January 19 at 8 pm local time in China, will be broadcasted by Korea Mnet in 2016 and 2017- they are deeply sorry for the similarity from Produce 101.

'Idol Trainer' is not a program that was formally purchased with the Produce 101 format.

** Hah! Are we looking to find another wannabe of China's Wanna One in process? What a joke! China is famed for copying many variety shows from RM, Hidden Singer, Mask King and now Produce 101.... ** 

Review on C-drama: General and I

Over the weekend, a close friend of mine suggested for me to watch this Chinese mainland drama entitled General and I’. I was bit skeptical about starting any Hong Kong TVB dramas as it has been a while since I last seen a Hong Kong drama and what’s more on Mainland drama. And when it was mentioned Wallace Chung and Angelababy are the main leads in the drama, I gave it go since it’s available on YouTube with English subtitles. Yay!

Related image

And my journey begins with the fictional warring period of Jin state, Yan state, Liang state, Bai Lan state and other neighboring countries in China. Jin state is the most prosperous state with Emperor Sima Hong and entire army led by the powerful General Chu Bei Jie (played by Wallace). Bei Jie has never lost in any battle and successful gained recognition from his country and people. Yan state is on the verge of losing so they send the young Jing An’s Prince He Xia (played by Sun Yi Zhou) to fight. Arriving on time is He Xia’s faithful maid servant Bai Ping Ting (played by Angelababy) used the nature’s strategy and time to stop Jin from invading Yan. Bei Jie sensed there is someone who is a skilled strategist helping the inexperienced He Xia.

When He Xia was betrayed by the King of Yan, his family was wiped out leaving him struggling to find a place to stand, he vowed to revenge back on Bei Jie. Ping Ting was injured during the war where Bei Jie found her at a river. She wears the hairpin which reminded him, it once belong to his late mother and given to the little girl who was his childhood friend. Emperor bestowed Bei Jie with the name of Prince Zhen Hei after his glory. The Royal Consort Zhang is in love with Bei Jie for a long time but her love was not reciprocated. She is unhappy in the palace and schemes her way to become the Empress while seeking revenge on Bei Jie.

He Xia went through various back doors and somehow found his way to the lonely Princess Yao Tian of Bai Lan state by becoming a Prince Consort. He was also jealous and felt threatened when he saw Ping Ting is in love with Bei Jie. Emperor Sima Hong is devastated after his twins and Empress’ deaths. He thinks the General has defied his orders thus sending him to battle with Liang state.  Bei Jie is unaware of his real identity as he is half-brother to the Emperor and another heir to the throne. He was adopted as the late Empress Dowager’s godson and lived in the Palace pledging his full loyalty to the Emperor and country. 

 To be honest, I haven’t actually watched much Chinese period dramas and rather new to fantasy romance ones. The CGI was sometimes crap as you can see it is rather fake when it comes to background sceneries. However the costumes, many extras and horses made it grand at the main battlefield. I’ve seen Wallace Chung in other dramas and movies but it’s probably my first time seeing him donning in glossy battle armor. He might not be a dashing Prince but at some angle shots in the poster, he does carry the General vibe. I’d say Angelababy is pretty looking as usual but she looks rather skinny where clothes were just draping over her entire body. Her role is similar to the Three Kingdoms intelligent war strategist Zhuge Liang except she is a woman.

Romantic scenes? Yes- a lot!… if you are rooting for Bei Jie and Ping Ting couple- you can expect many sparks. As for He Xia and the Princess Yao tian; they seem lacking instead I find Asst. General Mo Ran and Zui Ju are more adorable. They were probably the most trusted and loyal friends to the main couple. To be honest, some of the script lines were rather exaggerating and ridiculous. First part of the series shows the General running around to save the damsel in distress. When Ping Ting falls in love with him, she keeps getting into trouble by saying she’s doing for his sake. And her asking to retire in seclusion is a not a solution for Bei Jie is a General for his country.

And what kept me sticking to the C-drama is because of I wanted to see how Bei Jie will succeed the throne and develop the country further while preventing unnecessary wars. Emperor Sima Hong is no longer required when he’s shown pathetic to be easily poisoned by the lies from Royal Consort Zhang.