Monday, April 23, 2018

Confession and heartaches in A Poem a Day.

'I love you, Dr. Ye"! 
Oops...the sudden confession from Woo Bo Young to Dr. Ye Jae Wook has come to a rather surprising event. 

On the 9th episode of A Poem A Day, Bo Young (Lee Yoo Bi) managed to confess her true feelings to Ye Jae Wook (Lee Jun Hyuk) which took him by surprise. At the start Bo Young was happy to know Chief Yang has been transferred to another hospital which means she stands a chance to be a permanent full time employee. Bo Young is joined by her friends Min Ho (Jang Dong Yoon) and Nam Woo (Shin Jae Ha) while she was at the verge of falling down the stairs for feeling so excited. When asked what's the main reason being so happy, her response was simple. She doesn't need to be away from her mentor Dr. Ye. Nam Woo asked if she really likes Dr. Ye so much that instantly she admitted while singing her unconditional love for her mentor. Coincidentally Ye Jae Wook came to the emergency stairs hearing Bo Young singing away. What an embarrassing moment for Bo Young for Jae Wook saw everything as he walked away closing the door. 


With an unexpected song for him, Jae Wook received another surprise when Bo Young couldn't get another excuse while blurting out that she likes him. Uh-oh! She wanted to tell him her true feelings else she will never have the guts to tell him that. Trying to hide his mind, Jae Wook tells her they will talk about it later. Min Ho and Nam Woo were in the state of panic after hearing Bo Young confessing to her mentor. After all wild imaginations from the boys, she was further disappointed upon hearing the news that Yang's impeachment was delayed due to the cancellation of the two chiefs' departure at the farewell party meeting. 

Jae Wook then contacted Bo Young for meet up. Feeling nervous, she ran to meet him. Unlike her expectations, Jae Wook mentioned that he has no intention of seeing someone at work. His past relationship failed at the work place. He likes Bo Young as a colleague and hoped to work together well. In fact earlier he attended a senior's funeral where his ex-girlfriend was seen clinging to him and rumours continue floating around. After receiving the phone call, Jae Wook decided he doesn't want to go through the same incident. 

Brimming with tears, Bo Young is accompanied by Min Ho where she drowned her sorrows with alcohol. Min Ho mumbled that he was right that Dr. Ye would reject Bo Young's feelings. The hospital director is considering to promote Dr Ye to the next chief position. Chief Yang is rather uncomfortable to predict what will happen to him. 

At the end of the episode, viewers were left wandering is it too sad for imagination?
Various expressions were given by viewers:

One might not be able to understand the pain of love in the past, but why Dr. Ye is unable to accept a new relationship?
Dr. Ye's ex-girlfriend is the problem factor... today, imagination will soon be a reality.
Enough of the mess, let's get rid of the misunderstandings. Let's make the couple happy once again. ....etc and it goes on and on.

We can see that Jae Wook is struggling from his past relationship to move on. Mr. Advice Machine is spot on at work and the only one who acknowledges Bo Young's hard work. No wonder she falls hard for her. Min Ho being a brat pricking on Bo Young's old wounds finds himself falling back for her. Let's hope something 'sails' on the next coming episodes.

SOLID returns to show after 21 years in hiatus.

"I think it's been almost 1 or 2 years...and now it's 21 years whereby it feels like the movie- interstellar to us that goes beyond time and space. " by member Jung Jae Yoon.

In the 1990's, the trio group SOLID has launched album and its new album "Into the Light". Now they are resuming their activities after 21 years.

Jung Jae Yoon (46), DJ / rapper Lee Joon (46) and main vocalist Kim Jo Han (45) are three members who met on the afternoon of the 23rd April mentioned, "It is quite interesting. Thank you so much.' he said. They thanked their fans who have long waited for them.

SOLID is a pioneer group in introducing R & B and hip-hop in South Korea. This album's title track 'Into the Light' is also a new style. In the 80's, modern sound that reproduces retro sound such as synth-pop in modern sense.

The proudest moment for SOLID are members are all rounders- singer and song writers.
Jung mentioned currently there are many singer-songwriter projects in the world of pop market including America. It is still not too late to see the trends, do the trends and get ahead however timing must be right. It will be a whole new thing in 2018 for SOLID.

R & B and black music to the border only to be confined to watching. Jung said, "In the case of Kim Johan, it is R & B that he could sing any song. He still feels the soul even if I do not make R & B."  


"We listen to lot of Beatles music recently, but it's hard to explain their music with specific genres," Kim said. "We also have various songs and solid music." 

As for Lee Joon, he has taken a break in the entertainment industry due to his business in USA.
He is still bewildered by fans cheers. 'I forgotten that I used to be an entertainer. When I was at a fan meeting, fans came to cheer for me calling me Oppa. I felt awkward and asked them why are they doing this to me?' LOL!

SOLID's popularity has been confirmed in 22 years since 1996. It will be held at the Blue Square Market Hall from May 18th to 20th, and two performances scheduled for the very first time were sold out quickly and another performance was added. Members are willing to show what they have never seen before.

Kim said, "Jung Jae-yoon started as a guitarist, and I'm going to show it's worth this time." Jung Jae-yoon said, "Lee was the first DJ I went to, and he'll demonstrate that he's still alive."

Sunday, April 22, 2018

B1A4 has overcome the 7-years idol group jinx?

Idol group B1A4 has sort of overcome the hurdle of the "seven years jinx" as they have extended the contract until June. 

According to the music industry, group B1A4 has ended its exclusive contract with WM Entertainment Inc. on the 23rd following their 7th anniversary debut.

                         Image result for b1a4

WM has mentioned they have not signed anything as yet.

However, they have agreed to extend the contract until the end of June 2018.

B1A4 boys debuted in 2011 while producing hit songs such as 'What's Happening?' and 'A Lie'. The songs were popular with elementary school students which literally turned them into 'Super Presidents'.

Among the 5 member group, Jin Young has proven the most successful and outstanding ability in producing and writing songs. He has also ventured into drama acting as well.

As the contract will be expiring soon, some rumours have been circulated that several members will be moving to different companies.  In July 2009, the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) enacted the standard terms and conditions of exclusive contracts for entertainers, including the fact that exclusive contracts between entertainment companies and performers can not exceed more than 7 years.

As a result, it looks like the idol group's crisis is five to seven years in common with the renewal period.

As for the individual activities of the members are gradually increasing and the attention has also changed, it is the music industry that are unable to balance the members in the agency.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lee Seung Gi to lead Produce 48 Korea-Japan project.

Emcee, singer and actor Lee Seung Gi is the new host for MNet's latest idol project program Produce 48.

'Produce 48', which was unveiled to Korea and Japan through 2017 MAMA in Japan last November is a program whereby 96 of the idol stars of both countries will be competing for selection to the final girl group. 

It will be the first project to be released in June with a project that combines the Japanese girl group 'AKB48' produced by Yasushi Akimoto, a Japanese producer undr the 'Produce 101' system, which is an idol selection program of Mnet.

What are my thoughts? Oh-no! Not another idol reboot project! We have too many similar idol projects from Produce 101 S1 and S2, Mix Nine, Stray Kids, The Unit..etc within 1-2 years. And a group of 48 members? That's just ridiculous. Example a song of 4 minutes will have 240 seconds where it's divided by 48 members to sing it? That literally means a member will have 5 seconds to sing...or probably none at all! 

Put aside the song do they divide their earnings for 48 members?
Each one earning a few dollars from ads. 

Though I adore Seung Gi but it's just a no-no program for me...Am skipping the show.

BTS nominated for Billboard Music Awards for 2 consecutive years.

Global group BTS has been nominated for the second time in the Billboard Music Awards. 
The Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) on the 17th April has announced that BTS group has been nominated for "Top Social Artist" category for the 2018 US Billboard Music Awards announced on the official homepage and social network service (SNS).

The group has been nominated for the same category as last year. BTS has won the 'Top Social Artist' award for the first time in the K-pop group at the '2017 US Billboard Music Awards'.

BTS will be competing with other global stars - Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Sean Mendes at the awards ceremony in Las Vegas this coming 20th May 2018.

The Billboard Music Awards selected candidates over the last year by measuring their album and digital song sales, streaming, radio broadcasts, performances, and social engagements.

BTS is on the Billboard Social 50 chart, topping the world's top stars and ranking 70th on the list, showing strong influence on the SNS.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Lee Chang Dong's Burning enters 71st Cannes Film Festival.

Director Lee Chang Dong's latest movie flick 'Burning' has entered the competition section of Cannes International Film Festival in 2018. The 'Duke' directed by Yoon Jung Bin will be screened at a non-competitive midnight screening.

The executive committee of the Cannes International Film Festival announced a list of invitations to the 71st Cannes International Film Festival official competition on December 12th. (local time).

According to the festival's website, there are a total of 18 invitations to compete in the competition, while Lee Chang Dong's "Burning" has been contesting for the remaining 17 prizes and the highest honer, the Golden Palm Award.

This is PD Lee's sixth feature film, which is based on the short story 'Barn Burning' by a Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. He draws a secret story between three men and women. Starring starring Yoo Ah In, newcomer Jeon Jung Seo and Korean American Steven Yeun.

PD Lee was invited to the competition in 2007 for his film 'Secret Sunshine' and once again in 2010 he was invited to the Cannes Film Festival Supervisor's Week for his film 'Peppermint Candy'. Secret Sunshine movie made actress Jeon Do Yeon won Best Actress Award while the movie 'Poetry' won the Best Screenplay for director Lee Chang-dong.

The 71st Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 8-19th in Cannes, southern France.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Master in the House butlers heads to Vietnam.

'Xin chao' literally means Hello/Ahn nyeong hasehyo in Vietnamese language. The four butlers were advised they were going to Vietnam to meet their new Master. Yang Se Hyung was first to arrive at the airport looking chirpy because he was in yellow t-shirt and denim jacket. He even told the public that he cannot give autographs for them. In fact neither of the girls were waiting nor asking Se Hyung for autographs! Pfft! 

Yook Sung Jae arrived in sunspecs wearing a trench coat where fans were busy snapping his photos on the arrival floor. Se Hyung envies Sung Jae's fashion statement while big brother Lee Sang Yun arrived donning a trench coat- this is typical spring fashion. They were expecting Lee Seung Gi to be a fashionista as he was in black leather jacket and sporty shoes too. Overall everyone is a winner except Se Hyung who is just poor in clothes coordination. They boarded the plane at night to fly to Vietnam. They were shown on a video how popular their Master is in Vietnam....the red colour t-shirt fans flooded the city where he goes. The production cast has not informed anyone of the butlers arrival to Vietnam, so Seung Gi suggested to see whose popularity is bigger in Hanoi. Se Hyung proudly announced that the Vietnamese would love gags as he's a comedian. 


Sung Jae was surrounded by fans giving his plank cards, hat, flowers...while Sang Yun received gifts as well...Seung Gi was flooded by fans screaming his name and giving him presents too. Se Hyung was somehow left behind and dragged by the local guards thinking he's just another intruder. LOL! He was nearly drowned in the big crowd as he grabbed onto Seung Gi's collar and pointed out he is also part of the cast. The trio laughed at Se Hyung who barely made it to the van otherwise he'd have left out for good! The butlers called it for the night as the next morning they were dressed in red t-shirts and met at the lobby. PD tells them to view the Master's daily schedule. As they expected the Master must be involved with soccer. They walked out to find a driver holding a card stating "Jibsabu" waiting for them in front of a big jeep. They guessed it right it's a government's car and the driver couldn't speak any English.
They arrived at the Vietnamese Football Federation grounds and went in awe. The massive field, dormitories and houses surrounding the fields. As they walked in the main building, they were greeted by a familiar voice saying 'you're here'. Their new master is Coach Park Hang Seo. Park used to assist Gus Hiddink coaching the Korean football team during the FIFA 2002 World Cup held in Korea and Japan. Vietnam has scouted Park to become the national coach in 2017 and he became a national hero. He is known to be a good nature coach and propelled the Vietnamese team to win 2nd place in the Asia Football Confederation (AFC).


Se Hyung tries his best to impress Coach Park but he can see he's not a great player. From what he heard, Seung Gi used to play well in soccer. He knows Sang Yun is a graduate from Seoul National University but he might have less time exercising and playing sports. Park brought them to his 3-storey house which is a 5-min stroll from the main building. They admired the big spacious house and even the medal given by the Viet government for his contribution. 
He brewed Viet-coffee for them and said he will treat everyone the same as his other players.
His rules are important for the butlers- one mustn't use mobile phone during meals time. If they do, they will be punished of doing 50 push ups. Park was happy with the three doing push up stances except Se Hyung. They headed to the canteen for lunch. Phones were put aside and they were treated to sumptuous lunch consisting of three tiers! Spring rolls, egg rolls, steam spicy fish, grilled skewers, soup...protein plays an important role for the players. Butlers were happily chowing down their lunch. A team leader is required for the Butlers team. Team leader's words are as powerful as Coach Park. Everyone is aiming for the position even though it's temporary as it gives them authority. Park could see that Se Hyung will abusing his power so he decided hand the Team Leader position to Sang Yun.

The four butlers finished their lunch so it's time for training and practice. They watched 12 year old kids practising in the field. Park tells them to warm up. Sang Yun did well for his warming up while Seung Gi nearly trip upon his clumsy footwork. Se Hyung looked as if he was in some night club as his short legs looked funny while he dribbled the ball. Sung Jae was hopeless in soccer. He was an ace in ice speed skating but overall he hates sports. The butlers looked worn out after warming session. Now the match begins Butlers vs. 12-Yr School Trainees.
Se Hyung couldn't control the ball well and ended up school kids leading the match. He kept blabbering about guarding the goal post so Coach Park told Se Hyung to become the goal keeper instead. Seung Gi was good in passing but Sang Yun and Sung Jae struggled to defend their positions. Their mid field striker and defender are rather weak and that's because Butlers team were outnumbered by 8 school kids. 

Golden Ticket Awards- Rebecca musical, BTS wins Nation Concert Prize.

Last year, the musical Rebecca has raked in 190,000 audiences that entitled them to the 13th Golden Ticket Awards. "Rebecca" was produced by EMK Musical Company has been an award winning musical. 

The special play award was given to 'Liar' in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 'Liar' and the 'Nutcracker' of the National Ballet of Seoul Arts Centre and the traditional dance and traditional art genre.

The festival award was given to the Seoul Jazz Festival 2017, which boasts a spectacular line-up.

Musical male actor award was given to Jung Sung Ha for his works in 'Gwanghwamun Sonata', 'Rebecca', 'Kinky Boots' while musical actress award went to Ok Joo Hyun for her works in 'Rebecca', 'Matahari' and 'Anna Karrenina'

Ok Joo Hyun has been winning continuously the Golden Ticket Awards Musical Actress Award for four times. The veteran male actor award went to Lee Sun Jae who has also received the Popularity Award. Actress Kim Seul Gi who appeared together with Lee Sun Jae in the play Grandpa Anglee and I. 

As for Hallyu group BTS,  who has been enjoying massive popularity worldwide was awarded the Nation's Concert Artist Award as their concert tickets held at Gocheok Sky Dome was sold out for a fan meeting session. The best indie musicians award went to duo Melomance for their hit song 'Gift'  and the New Style Award went to Jung Dong Hwa who performed in the musical Titanic.

The Golden Ticket Awards was introduced in year 2005 whereby it was selected by Interpark, the largest ticket sales site in South Korea. The total number of online voting results were from last month to the first day of this month totalled to 15 awards. The poll was only conducted by mobile had the largest number of 32,000 voters.

Bae Yong Jun and Park Soo Jin welcome their 2nd child.

Actor Bae Yong Jun (46) and actress Park Soo Jin (33) welcome their second child after having their first son.

Picture courtesy from NEWSIS website.
 According to his agency Key East, on April 9th, Park Soo Jin gave birth to a second child. Both mother and daughter are healthy.

The couple got married in July 2015.

Monday, April 9, 2018

MBC Dangerous Beyond the Blankets 2 started off at 2% ratings.

MBC TV 's new entertainment program' Dangerous Beyond the Blankets S2' kicked off its first episode at 2% viewers rating. According to Nielsen Korea, the average audience rating of the nationwide average audience ratings was 2.2% on the 5th April for the program.

                             Image result for 이불밖은위험해

It is the lowest audience ratings of the programs aired at the same time. KBS 2TV Happy Together recorded 5.0% while SBS TV 'Kim Eo Jun's Black House' raked in 2.9% ratings.

Dangerous Beyond the Blankets S2 is a reality show that tells the process of going on vacation with 'home bodies' who literally do not go out of the house or out of their beds. The program was brought back as a regular thanks to the fact that the pilot program aired last August received favourable responses. Wanna One's Kang Daniel, EXO's Xiumin, Jang Ki Ha, rapper LoCo, actors Lee Pil Mo, Lee Yi Kyung and Kim Min Suk are the new permanent casts in the program.