Thursday, November 16, 2017

RAINZ's fans-concert day in December.

Group RAINZ will hold their fan meeting and concert from Seoul to Busan.


On 16th November, project boy group RAINZ has mentioned that via Melon Ticket will reveal their Busan's first fan-concert. Reservation of tickets will start from 24th November on wards.
The Fan-concert will be held at Crystal Ballroom at Busan Lotte Hotel on December 29th at 7.00 pm.

RAINZ will also hold their Seoul fan-concert as well at the Yes 24 Live Hall at 7.00 pm from December 26-27th.

The group debuted with their mini album 'Sunshine' and have been working on the single title 'Juliet'.

Super Junior hits home shopping after 8th album release.

Hallyu group, Super Junior will be heading to home shopping channel! 
Why? The reason is simple. The group members have promised that when their 8th album sales hit the record of 200K or more, they will appear in home shopping channel.


According to SJ's agency- SM Entertainment, the group will be selling the Black Padding suit on 20th November at 10.45 pm on a special program entitled 'Supermarket' via the cable channel- CJ O-Shopping Channel. 

Super Junior will be responsible in selling the duck down padding clothing brand (씨이앤(Ce&)

For those who purchase the padding clothing, they will also receive SJ's 8th album as well.
That's a little bonus to go for home viewers shopping (it'd be great if it's signed by them!) But there is a catch, for some special lottery ticket- a personally signed CD will be given out as well to the buyers.

The event "Supermarket" is a combination with 'Super' from Super Junior and the 'Market' stands for sales. CJ O-Shopping has already planned this for the members appearance.
In the recent promotion and press conference for their 8th album 'Play', SJ has made a promise that if their sales go over 200,000 copies, they will go on a home shopping channel.
Indeed 'Play' album has then reached the top of the album sales chart and exceeded 200,000 on the day. 

It is very rare to see a singer or celebrities appearing on a home shopping channel to fulfil. However earlier in the year, singer & songwriter Lucid Paul released his 7th album in a package composed of the results of his creative work and labour and sold the album through CJ Home Shopping as a promise.

ELF fans in S.Korea- well done! You have did well to get SuJu to go on home shopping channel! He he! 

Lee Min Ho, Suzy broke up after 3 years.

Actor Lee Min Ho (30) and Bae Suzy (23) decided to go on separate ways.

According to MYM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, the couple decided to end their relationship. Lee Min Ho and Suzy were dating in London since March 2015. They have then admitted it in public. However last year in August to September, the two decided to remain as mutual friends rather than a couple.

Lee Min Ho made his debut screen as lead in the famous F4 drama 'Boys Over Flowers' (2009) and The Heirs (2013). He is currently serving in the army as a service worker.

As for Suzy, she started her music career in 2010 under Miss-A girl group. She starred in the KBS drama Dream High (2011) and her acting career took off from there. She later starred in the movie Architecture 101 as the younger version of Han Ga In. 

Well- what's new? Celebrities couple often break up that it's no longer a surprise to us...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wanna One Go: Zero Base- Epi 2 review

Episode 2 of Wanna One Go: Zero Base continues with the 11 boys rushing around their base camp happily upon seeing a big warehouse transformed to their freedom den and playground.
Each member has previously informed the PD what they want and wish if they have a room of their own. With the busy schedules for the one year or so, members hardly have time to themselves. If only...if only by having an hour personally to themselves make a big difference.
The members were previously busy with their come-back and filming for the MV- Beautiful. 

11 rooms were decorated in its unique interior and styled to the preferences of the members.
Jae Hwan's typical musician room with instruments, Min Hyun's room was cosy with house keeping tools, Dae Hwi's room was like a honeymoon couple room decorated with flowers, curtains and lights, Seung Woo's cafe look-a-like room, Jin Young's room filled with colourful tub of plastic balls, Ji Sung's zoo-like Safari room, Sung Woon's super-star photo room, Kuan Lin's personal space with a fizzy drink machine, Woo Jin's rock-like room and Ji Hoon's room filled with soft toys and Daniel's room decorated with cats' concept. The main living room had sofa, pool table, toy guns, VR, TV, vending machine with noodles, snacks, drinks and arcade 
                                 강다니엘 워너원고 (wannaone go) 제로베이스 (feat. 루니와피터)
Daniel suddenly shouted in excitement that his two cats Rooney and Peter were transported all the way from Busan! They rushed to see the two kitties cuddled up in the cat house. Daniel clapped happily with Sung Woon and Ji Sung admiring his two pets. The rest discovered more excitement playing shoot-ambush games with toy guns. Forming two groups, they started their combat training around the living room. Seung Woo struggled with reloading his gun as Min Hyun smirked at him. Ji Hoon rushes around aiming at those who called him 'Piggy' as he tends to eat a fair bit. The members filled their hungry tummies with instant noodles, cheese, drinks and snacks. Dae Hwi pointed out the clock and rules stuck on the wall that they have 24 hours of freedom to do whatever they want. YES! Freedom for the members!

                            [171110] 워너원고 제로베이스 2화 예고

Woo Jin moves around eating endlessly at  Yoon mama's noodles, Jin Young's cheese. Hwang butler is nagging at those who leave their things around messily. He is amazed with the robot vacuum cleaner with Daniel fascinated over it. Sung Woon orders pizza from outside while the rest waited patiently. Ji Sung grabs some face packs and rested. Kang cho-ding starts his quest by running around the living room with Ji Sung chasing him for his soft toy giraffe legs that were twisted like a samgyetang! Kuan Lin, Jae Hwan and Woo Jin were just observing the two MMO trainees running around like kindergarten kids. Seung Woo wanted to try out his coffee machine while Woo Jin helps him out in grinding the beans. It didn't taste nice at all for the first try! Ha ha!
                                    워너원 GO 2화 옹성우 X 김재환 합동 연주 드럼도 버티지 못한 격 있는 멜로디
Pizza came, the boys ate their dinner and drinks, started watching an American horror film. Sung Woon starts to doze off and headed back to his room. Jin Young crawled to share the bed at Min Hyun's room. U tell me how uncomfortable it will be to sleep on a tub of colourful plastic balls?! One by one decided to call it for the night. Seung Woo, Min Hyun, Woo Jin and Ji Sung were talking among themselves at the living room. Hwang-butler starts his cleaning house chores as there were popcorn all over the place- thanks to Kang cho-ding who threw it during the movie time. After a while, Seung Woo, Sung Woon and Min Hyun decided to prank the rest who were already fast asleep. They brought the speaker from Jae Hwan's room and started playing the song Produce 101 song- It's Me to individual rooms trying to wake them up. In fact it was a wake-up call song at their dorms in the early a.m. during Produce 101. Some were pissed off and Dae Hwi just shook his head. Night time calls and all decided to say goodnight.

Middle of the night, Jae Hwan woke up in abrupt with Ji Hoon coming asking why. He said something was moving and he discovered one of the cats snucked into his room for a snuggle. In groggy mode, Daniel went and grabbed Rooney back to his room. The next morning, the members woke up for breakfast. The chaos started again with everyone talking and mumbling around. Suddenly a familiar voice came out through the loudspeaker- 'Woo Jin ah, come and eat'....followed by other female voices. They were the voices from their mothers.
Looking daze, Daniel and Dae Hwi looked around wondering what's going on. Woo Jin opened up another secret room and their eyes grew big! And snippets of Jin Young heading to school and Daniel dressed up buying a bouquet of flowers for his mother. 

See what they have discovered for in Episode 3. 

K-Idols, young actors gearing up for SAT exams

As the 2018 academic year college scholastic ability test (SAT) approaches, the interest of the trainee idols are increasing. On the other hand, newcomers who have to pay for work and study at the same time are getting ready for the SAT. 

◇ Who are the idol entertainers who trying their best in SAT exams?

The most interesting idol is Kim Do Yeon, a member of the group Weki Meki. She was formerly from the project girl group I.O.I which was formed through the MNet Produce 101: Season 1 which caused a huge syndrome.

In addition other idols include Astro's Lucky, Oh My Girl's A-Rin, WSJN's Yeo Reum, Golden Child's Dong Hyeon, Jae Hyeon, Joo Chan, Tag, Momoland's Nancy, Joey and DIA's Eunchae.

Among the 1999 year born actresses are Ji Jin Hee who was a star in the sitcom High Kick Through the Roof is also sitting for the SAT.

There are some who have already passed the exam and been selected to universities. Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon received the good news. Due to the busy schedule with the group activities, he is happy to receive the good results. Actress Kim So Hyun from The Goblin drama has been accepted to Department of Theater and Film at Hanyang University.

As for the KBS Idols Rebooting Project (The Unit), the seniors and mentors are cheering the fellow contestants who will be sitting for the SAT Exams.

MAS (Kang Hyun, Dong Myung, Ha Rin), S2 (Yoo Jung), Good Day (Ji Won) are the ones taking the exams with mentors Rain, Hwang Chi Yeol, SHINee's Taemin, San-E, Jo Hyun Ah cheering them up with encouragement messages.  

Rain's message to Ha Rin, "Our Ha-Rin will be a big hit!, The Unit will be cheering for you." 

Hwang Chi Yeol sends his 'Fighting' message to Yoo Jung. 

Tae Min also send his encouragement message to Ji Won and Jo Hyun Ah advises Kang Hyun to get all his answers correct in the exam. 

EXO, Kim Hee Sun and Wanna One takes the honours in AAA 2017.

Actress Kim Hee Sun and group EXO took home the Dae-Sang (Grand Prize Award) for the Asia Artist Awards 2017. The entire event finished up with all smiles from celebrities.

Image result for '2017 아시아 아티스트 어워즈 exo
EXO smiling at their best- all in black hair & suits at the red carpet                  
Asia Artist Awards gather most top artists around Asia where the event was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium at Songpa-gu, Seoul on 15th November. The event was sponsored by Global Entertainment Media Star News (STARNEWS). The awards ceremony was hosted by Super Junior's Lee Teuk and actress Lee Tae Im. 

Image result for '2017 아시아 아티스트 어워즈
Emcees- Lee Tae Im and SUJU's Lee Teuk
 However the main glory was given to EXO and Kim Hee Sun. EXO's leader Suho said, "We are delighted to receive the award after last year. Thank you very much. Every time we come to the stage, we feel like crossing and we will become EXO who is not accustomed to these feelings." Fellow member D.O (Do Kyung Soo) also won 2 awards including the Popularity Award added he will work harder to become a better actor and singer. 

Kim Hee Sun, who won the Grand Prize at JTBC said, "I was not passionate or confident since I got married. I want to give this honour to the viewers who brought this enthusiasm."

Image result for '2017 아시아 아티스트 어워즈
Wanna One posing at the red carpet with Winter Olympics mascot bear & hearts
Photo courtesy from News Sports Chosun
Debuting in the music industry within 101 days, rookie group Wanna One took home the New Artist Award and Samsung Pay Award proving they are the hottest group of the year. The other fabulous awards were honoured to senior groups such as Super Junior and EXO. In the acting category, Lee Jun Ki and Park Seo Joon took home the awards. 

Mix singing group KARD also took home the New Artist Award. Ahn Hyo Sub and Jung Chae Yeon were awarded the Best New Actor/Actress Award along with Wanna One.

Hallyu rep stars such as Suzy, Park Shin Hye received Asia Star Awards and Asia Icon Award respectively. AAA Best Awards were given to Min Hyo Rin, Lee Tae Im, Cha Bum Hee (Taiwan) and Just.

Image result for '2017 아시아 아티스트 어워즈
NU'EST-W were present waiving at the press
Courtesy picture from Han Guk Gyeong Je
 AAA is a gathering of South Korean stars and internationally renowned selves - one of the world 's top global events in Asia including Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and South America and Argentina, A fair and transparent award was awarded to winners based on Big Data for fans.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PD Kim Yong Hwa's "Along With Gods" production film exerts its charm.

The production cost for the movie itself is KRW$35 billion won, and the film starring actor Ha Jung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Jo Ji Hoon, Kim Hyang Ki and Lee Jung Jae.

The film 'Along With Gods 신과 함께 ' (director Kim Yong Hwa) is scheduled to open in December this year is slowly gradually being revealed out to the public. PD Kim who directed this masterpiece had six-year planning process and 11 months of shooting said, "It will be a work that has used the essence of the charm of the original as it is."


The film depicts the story of a firefighter Kim Ja Hong (Cha Tae Hyun) who has lost his life at the scene while saving others. Ja Hong was given a second chance for 7 trials within 49 days to determine if he should be back in human world or eternity life.

Meanwhile Kang Ha Rim (Ha Jung Woo) is a grim reaper who is doing his job escorting Ja Hong to afterlife. Jo Ji Hoon plays as Seaman Man, Lee Jung Jae as the Hades, King of Underworld. Also supporting the movie is Ma Dong Seok as House of Gods, Oh Dal Su, Im Won Hee, Kim Dong Wook and EXO's D.O

The film is adapted from a web comic written by Jo Ho Min. The web comic is praised for submitting it as a universal message. It was published as a monograph as well as number one in the series which sold a record of 450,000 copies.

PD Kim also added, "All the characters except the one that appeared in the original are in the movie. The story is almost similar and the message is almost the same but I was wondering how to implement it in the cinematic way. I chose the direction to maximise the value of the service." 
Photo courtesy from NEWSIS
 With so many A-list actors in the movie, the production costs is massive as well. Cha Tae Hyun has played many small roles in a movie but never had he appear in a film with so many veteran actors in it. Cha has mentioned he is happy to work together with veteran casts and felt reliable. He needed a lot of imagination for the role.

Along With Gods is scheduled to be screened in local cinemas on 20th December.
The sequel will be released next summer.

Monday, November 13, 2017

BTS is the new addition to Lotte Duty Free.

BTS is not only tapping internationally for music charts, winning awards and gearing for their new album come fact they have been chosen as one of the models for South Korea's biggest duty free group- LOTTE.

Lotte Duty Free has chosen the Hallyu group as a new face addition to the group advert.
Currently Lotte DFS has Lee Min Ho, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jun Ki and TWICE as their main face models. BTS is the new addition to the family to encourage more sales and promote the culture worldwide.

                   Image result for BTS- Lotte Duty Free

The operator of DFS is hoping hard to gain their biggest customer sales from China again.
Early this year with the tense diplomatic issues between China and South Korea has seen a big drop in tourism and sales from the Chinese market. 

Current President Moon Jae In has established the good relations between two countries to stop the rift so the tourism and sales have bounced back to normal.

Joo Won and BOA calls it quit.

Singer Boa (31) and actor Joo Won (30) has attracted attention when it was announced 10 months ago that they were in a relationship. But it didn't take long to announce that the two have decided to call it quit. (not a surprise either!)

According to both agencies, BoA and Joo Won have recently broke up on 13th November. Both sides did not disclose the reason of the break up.  The two were known to become a couple because of common interests such as golfing and mountain climbing with mutual intro from their friends at the end of last year.

BoA has gone into Hallyu status from a young age as she debuted in 2000 with the title ID: Peace B. Her famous title hits were Atlantic Princess, Number One...etc. She has also appeared in various dramas.

As for Joo Won, he first starred in musicals before venturing in Baker King: Kim Tak Gu as one of the villains. He then was offered roles in bigger dramas such as Ojakyo Brothers, Good Doctor and 7th Level Civil Servant. In 2015, was his shining year where he received the Grand Prize award for the SBS popular drama Yongpal which also starred Kim Tae Hee. He joined the military services in recent May.

Wanna One's comeback with single 'Beautiful'

Wanna One has announced their come back on the 13th November at Yongsan I-park Mall CGV in Seoul. Their new album 1-1=0 was released with the heavy activities and music shows featuring (Nothing Without You) via tVN and MNet at 7.00pm. Their debut album 'To Be One' with the prequel album 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You) was rather incomplete with the story of the MV 'Beautiful' where two long lost brothers separated for many years finally met again with their friends from orphanage, venturing into their new lives and friendship. 

             워너원이 쓴 청춘일기 ‘Beautiful’, 이변 無 차트신화 시작됐다

Kang Daniel has thanked their local and international fans for their love and continuous support. He is always grateful to all for the wonderful opportunities given to the group. Ong Seung Woo mentioned he was able to become part of the project boy band via votes from the public. 

The title 'Beautiful' will deliver a message of sympathy that 'everyone is beautiful and necessary to anyone'. The song expresses the fear of the past alone and longing for someone. Based on the lyrical melody and hip-hop beat, Wanna One's sad vocals blended together. The MV has two versions- movie and performance version. 11 members were given the challenge for acting in the movie version along with child actors and veteran actor Cha Seung Won. If you do notice, the little kids were the ones who auditioned for the Little Wanna One event. 

Kang Daniel and Ong Seung Woo were given the challenge as the main leads in the movie version MV. Bae Jin Young noted he wanted to their best to give it all. 
                            Image result for Wanna One 'Beautiful'
Their comeback coincides with NGO 'Save the Children' jumper day campaign. Through this Jumper Day campaign- the first ever in Korea, Wanna One will announce the need for protection for children around the world and will take the lead in establishing a fun-filled donation culture. 

                                 '컴백쇼' 워너원, '갖고싶어'-'뷰티풀' 최초공개…"역대급 안무"

Lee Dae Hwi said that he wanted to share good things together with all and hopes everyone participate in it. Park Ji Hoon humbly said he will always remain modest in whatever he does.
Seung Woo also added in future, please watch over them as they will work harder in their performances and activities.

As soon as the album was released, the song was sweeping on the music charts with fans continuing to show their support for the boys. 

Good luck to the members!